Newsletter #106: A Bird In The Hand

28 Mar 2014

Future-gazing is naturally a pastime for many that are interested in the recordings industry. Is it possible that theorising about what is to come might hinder efforts to address current problems or exploit opportunities in the here and now? Is the media’s obsession with the picture of a digital-only recordings business fuelled by mass subscription to ubiquitous streaming services eroding the confidence of those trying to maximise success using the tools at hand?

Crispin Hunt - Creators’ Rights In A Digital World

17 Mar 2014

The opportunities for musical innovation in the digital environment are countless...the digital world is our oyster…the only downside is that you seem have to do it all ‘on spec’..."The Internet somehow confused the right to the free movement of ideas (a concept which I adhere to strongly) with the free movement of work."

Newsletter #105: Ticketing - We're All In This Together...

19 Feb 2014

On the back of another great year for the live sector that was 2013, and with this year’s festival season waiting in the wings, news of another inquiry into ticketing by another All-Party Group of MPs is unsurprising, and for many working in the live sector and their customers, largely to be welcomed. There is, however, a sense of déjà vu with all this...

Musical Pathways: The Impact Of Music Making Opportunities on Young Offenders

10 Feb 2014

Musical Pathways was a project funded by the Big Lottery research programme that assessed the impact which music can have on the identity of young offenders. Here project leader, Patsy Lang of Superact gives us an insight to Musical Pathways and its conclusions...

Newsletter #104 January: The Artist Economics Of Streaming

16 Jan 2014

Streaming is already a red hot topic for 2014, with the format having grown over 2013 and a high profile publicity campaign warming up for Beats Music, which launches on Tuesday...

Jenn Five: Breaking Into Music Photography

15 Jan 2014

NME photographer Jenn Five has worked at festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading, and SXSW; as well as photographing a countless roster of bands and artist. Jenn talks about her experiences of getting into the business, and gives some tips on how a budding music photographer should go about getting their foot in the door.

Keith Harris: The Future Of The BBC

17 Dec 2013

So the BBC is under scrutiny again. The House of Commons Select Committee on The Future of the BBC is meeting to answer questions, which include “what should the BBC be for, and what should be the purpose of public service broadcasting?”...

Newsletter #103 November: Noise vs Music: The Real Loudness War

21 Nov 2013

As we’ve embraced digital marketing as a means to promote concerts and gigs, the noise that the consumer deals with has steadily increased - there is no shortage of sites offering to list a gig, but how many people actually read them?

Newsletter #102 September: Can the Toilet Circuit Clean Up Its Act?

14 Nov 2013

The Live Music Act recently enjoyed its one-year anniversary, undoing onerous restrictions placed on small venues by the Licensing Act 2003, and ensuring that the UK’s grassroots music scene stays vibrant and, hopefully, gets healthier...

David Emery - The Music Industry Didn't Die

26 Sep 2013

I've been watching books. Or rather, not. For the last week or so on my daily zig-zag across the capital I've been trying to spot people reading books. I think for the purposes of informal but informative data collection..

Newsletter #101 August: Funding The Dream

26 Sep 2013

Today, MusicTank published Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide to Funding Music Projects, a no-nonsense report by funding expert Remi Harris that does exactly what it says on the tin. It has practical tips and reference lists informed by case studies and interviews with people who have direct experience of the various sources of funding a musician or small music business might wish to consider.

Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects by Remi Harris, 2013

25 Sep 2013

NOW ON SALE, this 'must-read' funding guide puts the finance topic firmly under the spotlight, providing musicians, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses & SMEs with a hands-on answer to the question "how can I get funding for my music project?"

MusicTank Funding Guide Announced

11 Sep 2013

Written by Remi Harris (formerly of AIM, UK Music) Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects provides musicians, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses & SMEs with a hands-on answer to the question ‘how can I get funding for my music project?’ SAVE £10 - PRE-ORDER NOW!

Remi Harris: Why The Music Industry Needs To Be Fluent in Funder-Speak

09 Jul 2013

Getting funding for music seems to be an obsession at the moment, with the launch of several new schemes this year alone to provide loans, investment and grants to music companies for artist development, most recently Momentum Music.

Suzanne Bull, MBE: Music, The Arts & Disabled People

09 Jul 2013

I have always been a disabled person and loved live music. In the mid ‘90s I was at a festival and in those days, there was no access. In struggling to keep my front row place facing the stage, I got my neck trapped on the barrier. My thoughts were to get out alive and find a way of making live music accessible! I began to document the experiences of other disabled people at festivals and venues...

Newsletter #100 July: We Came, We Debated, We Challenged...

09 Jul 2013

We’d like to use this, our 100th editorial, to briefly cast an eye over some of the issues that MusicTank tackled in its first 10 years. Several of our think tanks have been highly topical, with points being made by our speakers that challenged commonly held beliefs.

Martyn Ware - The Future Of Music As Immersive Art And Entertainment

09 Jul 2013

Creativity in music and the arts is what makes our lives worth living…immersive public experiences, daringly and passionately curated, will make our lives more liveable in a more enjoyable future.

Remi Harris: Gathering A Crowd – Running A Music Crowdfunding Campaign

02 Jul 2013

Crowdfunding has become incredibly high-profile in the last year. Amanda Palmer became one the most well-known names associated with it, when she raised over a million dollars from donors using the Kickstarter platform in order to produce her album, art book and tour. Writers, composers and authors can benefit from these platforms too...

Fan Centred Music Business

22 Jun 2013

Positively Music provides training in entrepreneurship and digital business to the music industry.

Guest Editorial: CMU's Chris Cooke On Traditional Music Media

13 Jun 2013

Traditional music magazines still play an important role, especially when it comes to building an audience for new talent.

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