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Our insight reports are commissioned from leading industry figures and are intended to open up debate on the business’ keenest issues informing all of the key challenges, and signposting the opportunities for a radically transforming industry. 

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Unlocking The Sync

Author/s: Kier Wiater Carnihan & Dr. Eamonn Forde, 2017

COMING SOON! Unblocking The Sync is an ethical ‘how-to’ navigation of the music licensing and brand partnership world. Written by Kier Wiater Carnihan of Record-Play (a music consultancy that counts adidas and Google among its clients), alongside award-winning music industry journalist Dr. Eamonn Forde, the book is set to become the defining text on the subject of synchronisation.


Can Music Make You Sick? Part 1: Pilot Survey Report Summary

Author/s: Sally Anne Gross and Dr. George Musgrave, 2016

MusicTank/ University of Westminster were commissioned by Help Musicians UK to undertake an ambitious and far-reaching piece of research into the incidence of mental health amongst musicians and those involved in the creative process more generally.  Here are the preliminary findings.  


London Street Performance Research

Author/s: MusicTank

MusicTank was commissioned to undertake a pilot research project for the Mayor of London/ GLA as a pre-cursor to a larger and more definitive study on which to formalise London-wide policy.       


It's Just A Click Away: How Copyright Law Is Failing Musicians

Author/s: Jon Webster & Fiona McGugan

This paper intends to demonstrate the legal mechanisms that occur behind each consumer 'click' on streaming platforms and how the payment structure to labels, publishers and artists can change with each one.


Making Available, Communication To The Public & User Interactivity

Author/s: Fiona McGugan

This paper considers the evolution of communication rights that overshadow conventional distribution and reproduction rights as music consumption increasingly shifts away from the ownership model of sales, towards access models of streaming services.


Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects

Author/s: Remi Harris

This critically acclaimed, must-read report, MusicTank’s 6th publication puts the topic of funding firmly under the spotlight, providing musicians, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses & SMEs with a hands-on answer to the question ‘how can I get funding for my music project?’


The Dark Side Of The Tune: The Hidden Energy Cost Of Digital Music Consumption

Author/s: Dagfinn Bach

This report reviews current research on the costs of data traffic and highlights some of the energy costs inherent in a range of existing digital music services. These costs are both startling and surprising.


Remake, Remodel: The Evolution Of The Record Label

Author/s: Tony Wadsworth with Dr. Eamonn Forde

This report draws from the quarter century Tony has spent on the front lines of the record business – including the most tumultuous decade in its history.  It defies much of the accepted wisdom and reveals the latest thinking on the evolution and future of the record company through conversations with some of the sector’s top executives.  


Let's Sell Recorded Music!

Author/s: Sam Shemtob

Analysis of the relationships between the recordings business, ISPs, consumers and Government, in an attempt to help foster progress towards compelling legal alternatives to unlicensed file sharing.  


Meet The Millennials

Author/s: Terry McBride

An authoritative account of fan influence over musical creation, exploitation and consumption.  


Beyond The Soundbytes

Author/s: Peter Jenner

Analysis drawn from MusicTank activities and ‘filtered’ through the author’s 40+ years of music business experience, detailing key industry issues and suggestions for their possible resolve.