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The Value of Jazz in Britain Pt. 2 – MusicTank

The Value of Jazz in Britain Pt. 2

11 Oct 2010

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The report sought to qualtify the economic value of British jazz in 2008, based on responses to questionnaires sent to jazz musicians, promoters and record companies, and its findings compared with similar data published in its 2005 report.  However, in two areas the current report provides greater detail than its predecessor – The Value of Jazz in Britain Pt 1.  These are the subject matter of chapter 3 (Recording) and chapter 4 (Media). 

Overall, the estimated annual turnover of the jazz sector of the UK music industry decreased slightly from £86.77m to £85.05m between 2005 and 2008.  The fall in value was due entirely to the ongoing decline of CD sales, which affects all genres of music. There were (mostly small) increases in revenues in all other areas of jazz.

The sources of revenue were broken down into the following categories:

  • Ticket Sales
  • Musicians Fees
  • Public Subsidy
  • Commercial Sponsorship
  • CD Sales and PPL licensing fees
  • Compositions and music publishing
  • Education
  • Other
The report was commissioned by Jazz Services and written by Mykaell Riley, University of Westminster,  and Dave Laing University of Liverpool.
Publ. October, 2010.