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Adrian Bullock – Independent Royalties Consultant, Bullocks Ltd – MusicTank

Adrian Bullock - Independent Royalties Consultant, Bullocks Ltd

Adrian has worked as an independent royalties consultant for fifteen years, starting his own practice, Bullocks Limited in 1999.

Acting for recording artists, songwriters, record labels and music publishers, Bullocks provides an extensive range of specialist services, including royalties administration, management and audit, tour accounting, catalogue valuations and project management.  Career highlights include “The Beatles Sales History” where he led the team appointed by EMI and the band to calculate the total number of records sold by the band worldwide from day one.  Answer – a lot!

Adrian project managed the rights and royalties issues surrounding Daft Punk’s ground breaking “Daft Club” where fans buying the CD were able to download “free” additional music using DRM.  This was a first for the legitimate distribution of digital music against a backdrop of strong industry resistance and well before broadband had been widely taken up.

Lately Adrian has been working with Radiohead and their management on the “In Rainbows” project, dealing with the many rights issues and setting up the infrastructure for the associated companies, whilst trying not to draw any attention to what they were up to!  Bullocks current clients include Coldplay, David Gray, Damien Rice, Faithless and Gorillaz among others.

In addition the firm will be unveiling a unique online royalty management system this spring, and Adrian has been appointed Radiohead’s tour accountant for this year’s world tour