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Testimonials – MusicTank


“In a creative world where launching and sustaining a career can be incredibly challenging, artists need to balance the creative side of their music alongside a sound business knowledge in order to find their audience and pay their bills. The music industry evolves rapidly and it’s vital that musicians can access platforms that educate and inform about the key issues effecting their music. The resources offered by MusicTank give artists the opportunity to understand the world in which they are creating and existing, leading to informed and inspired decision-making.” 
Horace Trubridge | Assistant General Secretary | Musicians Union


“MusicTank are never afraid to cover the topics that others won’t touch. It is so valuable to have an organisation that is not afraid to grasp the nettles of the music business.” Annabella ColdrickChief ExecutiveMusic Managers’ Forum


“We always encourage our brand clients to make decisions based on evidence, through thorough analysis of existing related research and/or the creation of bespoke studies.  MusicTank are our go-to agency for these services”
Dr Julia Jones | Managing Director | Found in Music


“We need to build long-term resources to help us capitalise on the wide range of music industry experience out there and MusicTank is a very good start”.
Keith Harris OBE | Chairman of MusicTank | Manager of Stevie Wonder |


“The UK music business is brimming with vision, creativity and commercial nous, and MusicTank will enable those within it to unite their thinking to create tomorrow’s business success stories”. 
Alison Wenham, Chief Executive, WIN (Former Chairman and Chief Executive, AIM) 


“We are delighted to be part of the MusicTank initiative. Cross-industry collaboration and wider education are vital to the continued success of the British music business. As the representative body for British songwriters, composers and music publishers, the majority of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises, we are particularly pleased that the MusicTank portal will provide access and information for small businesses.”
Frances Lowe, Director General of British Music Rights  


“The Musicians’ Union welcomes the Music Tank initiative and believes it represents a genuine opportunity to assist those hoping to survive and succeed in the modern music industry.”
Nigel McCune, Music Business Adviser, Musicians’ Union  


“MusicTank’s philosophy is to share knowledge. Nobody knows everything but having an information network that can feed upwards, downwards, sideways and across all sectors – can only be a fantastic springboard for our future generation of creators. “The UK music industry is the third largest market in the world, and second only to the US in terms of ownership of repertoire. Education should be free and initiatives like this with full trade body support and government funding through the LDA will ensure we continue to punch above our weight.”
Maggie Crowe, External and Educational Affairs, BPI  


“This is going to be an important element in bringing new ideas and people to our industry, at a time when both will be most welcome.”
Doug D’Arcy, AIM Board Member and former President, Chrysalis Dedicated