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Blog Terms and Conditions – MusicTank

Blog Terms and Conditions

Won’t publish

  • Material that masquerades as a blatant sales / pr opportunity by any other name
  • Defamatory material
  • Posts that are overly simplistic, one-dimensional
  • Posts which don’t conform to our our website T&C’s (here)

Will publish

  • Balanced, rational argument
  • Your opinions, views and experiences

We encourage

  • The flagging of an issue or concern
  • Balanced reasoned argument that extends community/topic engagement

The legal bit

In line with T&C’s as affects our web platform, including this blog, if you post to this site, you…

  • May post content that you create or have been given permission to post by the owner, is legal, and doesn\’t violate our website T&C’s (here)
  • Are responsible for content that you post to our services and assume all risks of posting personal information online
  • Continue to own the content but grant MusicTank/University of Westminster a license to use and distribute your content

And finally…

MusicTank reserve the right to withhold publication of content it deems inappropriate or that which doesn’t fit its core values and purpose