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End Of An Era: MusicTank Closes

05 Nov 2018

After 15+ incredible years, with profound sadness, I am sorry to announce that MusicTank is closing. This closure is with immediate effect and its website will no longer be updated, but remain for archive purposes.

Rogue Operators: Secondary Ticketing, Touts and Bots

10 Sep 2018

The UK ticketing industry appears to be in a better place, even if some of its key players have been dragged kicking and screaming due to the light shone on it by campaigners.

Newsletter #136: Spotify, Streaming Radio and Artists' Digital Rights

18 Jun 2018

It’s somewhat surprising just how little mention has been made about Spotify’s recently expressed ambitions to compete with radio, in terms of what this means for artists... it once again raises issues around artist/ writer remuneration and highlights subtle differences in legislation that have a profound impact on the creative’s bottom line.

You Get The Music Culture You Pay For…

12 Feb 2018

World Music artist Sheila Chandra calls for ordinary working people to recognise the artist talent in their own ranks and financially reward it, proudly and joyfully. And to recognise that doing so is a way of ‘supporting our own’ - a political act that will fund the greater good.

MusicTank Entrusted with JazzUK Legacy

14 Nov 2017

MusicTank, University of Westminster is delighted to announce that it is to receive the assets of JazzUK as part of that charity’s formal closure. Central to JazzUK’s work was the provision of online business information with which to further both musicians’ careers and those businesses working in the sector, and it is with that in mind that MusicTank was deemed the most appropriate beneficiary of JazzUKs archive.

Newletter Editorial #133 - Musicians’ Mental Health: No Longer Taboo

19 Oct 2017

MusicTank has published the second part of its ground-breaking research into musicians’ mental health, conducted by Sally Gross and Dr. George Musgrave of University of Westminster. ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ is an accomplished piece of work, distinguished by it being the world’s largest known academic study into music and mental health, its publication marking the end of this year-long study into anxiety and depression as experienced by both musicians and music industry professionals.

Sally Gross: Music Industry Should Work Together To Protect New And Niche Artists

12 Oct 2017

How do new and/ or niche artists cut through the noise in today’s music industry to make a meaningful impression? The fact is they are finding it increasingly difficult to get any attention that can be converted into a sustainable career – despite all the optimistic talk of digital royalties.

Newsletter Editorial #132 - Fake Artists: Back Door Music Curation Or Just Fake ‘Fake News’?

13 Jul 2017

Accusations and commentary about alleged 'fake' artists on Spotify playlists have intensified recently, with MusicTank itself commenting on this in both The Times, and on Radio 4’s flagship news and current affairs PM programme,

The Record Label Of The Future

02 Mar 2017

Speaking at a recent Music 4.5 event on the subject of the future of the record label, artist lawyer Robert Horsfall delivered a speech which in under ten minutes succinctly and deftly highlighted much that is still seemingly wrong with many artist/ label recording contracts.

Is Pop Music The New Feminism?

15 Aug 2016

...an intriguing question for today’s society at a time where success, underrepresentation and gender imbalance are being widely discussed both within the music industry and in the media more generally.

Editorial: It's The Economy, Stupid

16 Jun 2016

Fast forward to 2017, only time will tell whether we'll be discussing 2016 as positively, should the UK make a #Brexit on June 23, in which case the live sector, exports, manufacturing and copyright reform perhaps stand to loose the most...

Creators Rights Infographic Event Summary

19 Nov 2015

Despite operating under International Treaties in a global market, and moving towards a single digital market in Europe, the lack of harmonisation of performers' rights across the EU remains one of the biggest issues. These rich visual summaries capture the key points of a topic unpicked by a passionate panel calling for a "truth and reconciliation process between labels and performers" without which, "the future is very bleak".

Newsletter Editorial #122 - The Digital Rights Divide: Making Available & Equitable Remuneration

21 Oct 2015

The inexorable rise in the growth of streaming services isn't good news for the majority of artists and performers, who currently reap significantly lower royalty payments from an increasing number of licensed streams compared to royalties they derive elsewhere, such as from broadcasts and sales of recordings.

Paul Pacifico: Is Compulsory Licensing The New Next Big Thing (Again?)

18 Sep 2015

Compulsory Licensing (‘CL’) is an option that has historically been seen as anti-competitive and as closing down a free market in favour of some sort of socialist protectionism for artists. In actual fact, it may just be the platform the digital market needs to open up competition and foster the innovation in services and business models so desperately needed.

Keith Harris - Inconsistencies In Government Arts Policy...

17 Sep 2015

I’ve spent quite a lot of time recently wondering whether anybody is actually in charge of government policy with regards to the Arts or whether ministers just randomly make things up as they go along, depending on their current whim...

Newsletter Editorial #120 - Transparency: Digital Problems In An Analogue World

17 Jul 2015

We know that the transparency technology brings in the digital space allows for grass roots movements to coalesce & drive change like never before. Change is both possible & necessary on many fronts. Today, that front is the inequitable status of commercial radio in the USA and the fight to ensure #fairplayfairpay for all artists, everywhere.

EU Private Copying: Situation Report - Finland

23 Jun 2015

Unlike Germany, Finland has abandoned the levy system in favour of a government remuneration scheme - a system similar to that of Spain. Many have praised Finland’s move as it is encouraging other EU member states away from what is increasingly perceived as an anachronistic levy on devices and blank media.

Newsletter Editorial #119: From Music To 3D Printing: The Right To Copy Conundrum

10 Jun 2015

The idea of a blank media levy is not at all new - the debate has been around since cassette tapes enabled affordable, large-scale private copying, yet with the advent of 3D printing, the concept of making copies of an ‘original’ item is about to enter a whole new dimension.

EU Private Copying: Situation Report - Germany

09 Jun 2015

MusicTank continues its analysis of private copy compensation systems within the EU. Representing the largest recorded music industry in Europe, Germany has been highly influential in laying the foundations for private copy exception, and as such, takes a polar opposite view to Spain and the UK when it comes to compensating rights holders for private copying.

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