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End Of An Era: MusicTank Closes

05 Nov 2018

After 15+ incredible years, with profound sadness, I am sorry to announce that MusicTank is closing. This closure is with immediate effect and its website will no longer be updated, but remain for archive purposes.

Newsletter Editorial #135: Youth Radio

16 May 2018

Radio listening is fragmenting in an era of more devices, platforms and choice. Indeed, the very definition of what constitutes ‘radio’ is also shifting, to include audio and other digital artefacts.

Newletter Editorial #133 - Musicians’ Mental Health: No Longer Taboo

19 Oct 2017

MusicTank has published the second part of its ground-breaking research into musicians’ mental health, conducted by Sally Gross and Dr. George Musgrave of University of Westminster. ‘Can Music Make You Sick?’ is an accomplished piece of work, distinguished by it being the world’s largest known academic study into music and mental health, its publication marking the end of this year-long study into anxiety and depression as experienced by both musicians and music industry professionals.

Newsletter #130 - The Politics Of Music

10 Nov 2016

At the risk of going out on a political limb, in the wake of last night’s US Presidential election, it’s impossible for the outcome to not influence the tone and content of this editorial. After all, it isn’t everyday that a complete outlier gets to tuck their fit under the desk in the Oval Office…

Keith Harris OBE: Education’s Place In The Equality Debate

23 Aug 2016

Having been asked to Chair the Equality and Diversity taskforce for the UK Music industry, I was struck by a casual comment that I heard on Radio 4 the other day...

Is Pop Music The New Feminism?

15 Aug 2016

...an intriguing question for today’s society at a time where success, underrepresentation and gender imbalance are being widely discussed both within the music industry and in the media more generally.

Editorial: Diversity - Redressing An Imbalance

21 Jul 2016

“As a black man who’s worked in the highest levels of the music industry in both the US and the UK, I can tell you that a black American male has much better career prospects in the music industry than his UK counterpart.”

The Music Industry & Mental Health: Can Music Make You Sick?

16 Jun 2016

Leading independent music charity, Help Musicians UK (HMUK), have launched a new industry mental health campaign and the country’s first ever academic research into the issue. The research is being led by Sally Gross and Dr George Musgrave, University of Westminster / MusicTank and begins with a survey that everyone working in music is urged to fill out...

Newsletter Editorial #125: Diversity's Whitewash

24 Mar 2016

The music industry’s tussle with the issue of diversity most recently typified by a near all-white role call of 2016 BRIT winners has rightly forced this important debate centre stage. And not before time. It’s bewildering why as an industry we find ourselves seemingly unable to embrace change and build a workforce that is truly representative of multi-cultural Britain.

MusicTank: 50% Off January Sale

05 Jan 2016

With time the most valuable commodity of all, why not take advantage of our discounts on time-saving music industry resources and know-how? Save 50% until January 31st on: MusicTank annual membership, The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects and Creators' Rights In The Digital Landscape Transcript...

Women In Music In 2015 - 'Who Run The World'

03 Dec 2015

'Who Run The World' is a new company established to help improve visibility of women in music in the grass roots scene.

Women In Music In 2015 - How Far Have We Come?

30 Nov 2015

What a year 2015 has been. In the mist of big events for the industry, Apple Music launched, Adele releasing much-anticipated new music and streaming platforms biting the dust, it has sadly, been a year when we've seen that we work in an industry where sexism still very much exists...

Newsletter Editorial #120 - Transparency: Digital Problems In An Analogue World

17 Jul 2015

We know that the transparency technology brings in the digital space allows for grass roots movements to coalesce & drive change like never before. Change is both possible & necessary on many fronts. Today, that front is the inequitable status of commercial radio in the USA and the fight to ensure #fairplayfairpay for all artists, everywhere.

Music Industry Wins High Court Copyright Case Against Government

19 Jun 2015

The High Court has ruled against the UK Government in a Judicial Review case brought by BASCA, The MU and UK Music. These three bodies challenged the decision to introduce a private copying exception into UK copyright law, arguing that it was unlawful because it failed to provide fair compensation to rightholders...

Paul Pacifico: Reaching For The Stars – Do We Really Think Music Is Worth It?

28 Apr 2015

As a society, we seem to acknowledge that music is a good thing for kids to do and that it is culturally and commercially important with the UK Music sector punching well above its weight globally and generating big numbers for UK plc, but we don’t really believe it. Not deep down. Not enough to invest and get behind it like we do sport or science...

Lessons Learned From A Crowd-Funded Startup

02 Apr 2015

With just 3 weeks of their crowdfunding campaign remaining and with 110% of its target raised, Living Indie co-founder Niels Footman shares insight and lessons learned.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R

23 Mar 2015

Rich graphical summaries of MusicTank's big data event - 'Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R', 10 March 2015.

Newsletter Editorial #116: Retail Therapy

04 Mar 2015

Retail is indeed a diverse, complex and multi-channel connector between creators and consumers. Innovation in retail needs to be met with similar innovation in music – in particular, music licensing, especially music publishing... licensing content ‘at any cost’ is simply not an option for rights holders, anymore than it is for the historically low-margin music retail sector.

Jeremy Silver: Big Data and Music – Situation Report

03 Mar 2015

Big data often refers to the very large and highly complex data-sets thrown off by global online consumer activity, particularly arising from social media. For the most part, big data is being used to help understand what has happened in the recent past – it also has the potential to be used to predict the future likelihood of success.

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