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12 Apr 2011

Two lectures, three blogs.


Mathematics was never my strong suit, though I did allude to it last night during the Marketing & Promotion class, while pointing out that nothing I say is set in stone or true in all situations. Inevitably – and proving my point – a couple of the students countered my views about charity shows often being a waste of time, benefitting neither the charity or the venue, or about press ads being a waste of money, with real-world cases where charity shows have been wildly successful and press ads shown to be demonstrably useful. I’m still not convinced about the latter and as far as the former goes, I’ve been burned too many times as a venue owner, losing out when it dawned on the promoter that their chosen charity didn’t adequately resonate with the intended audience.

This cut and thrust of robust debate does great service to the lectures, highlighting that there’s no single ‘right’ way to promote a show (but plenty of wrong ones), and as we all get more used to each other in the room as these weeks progress, perhaps we’ll end up in full-scale rows about the merits or otherwise of secondary ticketing, or what makes a good sound engineer.

If it had happened last night perhaps it would have kept that lad who fell asleep for twenty minutes awake.

Next week: Dave Newton of WeGotTickets, and I’ve just confirmed Sofia Hagberg, director of End of The Road Festival.


MusicTank’s Live Industry course continues Mon 18 Apr. Limited places available.

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