A&R Radio

10 Jan 2011

Why not set up a radio station publicly previewing material not yet commercially released by publishers and producers, but material specific to their catalogues – (material that’s been filtered for quality, genre relevance, etc.) – the idea being to allow record companies, managers, agents, etc to listen if and when they want, allowing them to contact and sign up songs, bands on hearing  any gems.

I speak from experience as a songwriter…I’d co-written a song with my writing partner which was signed up by a publisher.   The song was recorded by Rachel Panay (an American dance artist with relative success), remixed by Ron van den Beuken (amongst other upcoming remixers), and then left on the shelf.

Had there been a station dealing with published-but-not-commercially-released material we might have stood a chance (given some repetitive airplay) of being picked up by A&R or the like.

Brian Rice

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