Instant Music Purchasing By TV

22 Jun 2010

It’s very simple but I would love to see at least trialed on one digital TV station a service that allows you to instantly buy (touch the red button now!) any music currently playing in an advert or programme.

How many times have you heard a song used in a show or advert and then had to hunt around on the internet to find out who it was by or where it could be bought from? Priced in the 50 to 80p band, and without having to go through the bother of reaching for a credit card, how many people would just impulse buy tracks?

Shows like Glee already drive huge sales as people go looking for the music after the show, just imagine how many more units could be sold if the audience were able to purchase the track without moving from their sofas.

For a company like Sky that already has a digital music retail arm (Sky Songs) and the ability to bill people on a monthly basis, this shouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.

Of course there would need to be a fair bit of work done to set it up and make available as much of the music played as is possible, but this information already exists somewhere, it surely wouldn’t be an impossible ask to join the dots. As I said a simple idea but one that could benefit broadcasters, labels, publishers, artists and even advertisers.

John Power

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