John Smith, MU General Secretary: Arts Council Funding Cuts

31 Mar 2011

The Musicians’ Union (MU) appreciates that Arts Council England (ACE) had some very difficult decisions to make. The news was never going to be good with ACE having received a 30% cut from the Government.  Together with some of the disastrous Local Authority cuts to arts organisations, however, [yesterday’s] announcements will signal the start of the end for many organisations…

At a time when our general economy is struggling, it seems illogical to cut money to the arts, which is one area of the economy that has consistently maintained growth. The UK has the largest cultural economy in the world relative to GDP and every £1 invested in culture produces £2.

It will be a while before the full impact of today’s cuts becomes apparent, but we hope that as many music organisations as possible will be able to survive the tough times ahead.

John Smith, MU General Secretary 30.03.11

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