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LIVE SCRIBE: Is Technology The New Beatles? – MusicTank

LIVE SCRIBE: Is Technology The New Beatles?

19 Sep 2014

Tuesday 16 Sept. saw a range of innovative companies present their use of next-generation music tech.  The event – Is Technology The New Beatles? – considered the optimistic future of music from its creation, performance, distribution and consumption through to fan interaction and crowd experiences.  Based on these new forward-thinking, mind-blowing examples, a panel discussion then explored what the future marriage of tech and music would look like – and what kind of children they might be expected to produce.

A ‘first’ for MusicTank, this event included a new exciting innovative addition – Innovation Arts – who graced our stage for the duration of the event, producing a series of five rich graphical summaries of the evening’s discussion, which can be found below.


1. Digital Media Advisor and author Jeremy Silver provided a broad overview of the topic…



2. Exciting presentations from ROLI with their Seaboard Grand keyboard and nu desine with their futuristic AlphaSphere challenged conventional wisdom about music production and performance.  Sofar Sounds explained the ethos behind their unique brand of live concerts through the use of social media to drive authentic, stripped-back performances to engaged audiences whose sole interest is the quality of the music…


3. Immersive Album introduced us to an entirely new format that would hopefully re-kindle interest in music as a product;  Musion demonstrated how holographic performance compliments and enhances live performance AND can boost social media profiles, ticket sales, downloads, streams and merchandise, seemingly without limitation…


4. The panel considered what music fused with new technology could bring to artists and audiences; the democratising impact of technology in terms of performance and composition (are performance and writing skills less necessary?) and how, when imaginatively applied and experimented with, exciting new potential is realised.  And shouldn’t we concerned about tech’s carbon footprint?


5. Finally, where it’s all headed…co-creation of music and experiential consumption…but in such a way that tech is seemingly invisible to the user – enabling, not hindering authenticity in creation, performance and consumption.



All artwork by Fernanda Deuriarte, Innovation Arts

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