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10 Feb 2011

Hi there,

Terry McBride (the boss of Nettwork label) reckons that, and I quote:

‘5 years from now, downloads will be over and that people will not own music, they will “pull” it from smart device…’

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Below is my own view and addendum to his idea (which I think is fundamentally sound and very likely prophetic). It’s a copy and paste from the article-site’s reply section. I hope it makes sense and, if not altogether original, provides some new avenue(s) of thought.


I think he’s right, but the ‘context’ I think needs to be the burden of service providers like BT, AOL, etc. They could set up ‘service packages’ that allow users to freely download/stream songs according to the package they’ve subscribed to. Each provider would need to create algorithms that allow users access to material such as music. Freedom of access would be dictated by the users ‘subscription profile’; i.e. he / she would, on subscription, give an account of interests with regard to the type of content provided to them. Most internet, non-royalty-based content would be freely available under any provider package. But music and such would as limited in availability as the internet provider package subscribed to.

Brian Rice

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