MusicTank Funding Guide Announced

11 Sep 2013

Written by Remi Harris (formerly of AIM, UK Music) Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects will provide musicians, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses & SMEs with a hands-on answer to the question ‘how can I get funding for my music project?’

Building on her extensive knowledge of creative industries’ funding, former AIM General Manager and UK Music Director of Operations, author Remi Harris considers the six main sources of money – Grants, Friends & Family, Crowdfunding, Sponsorship, Debt and Investment – and the five-stage process essential to securing music business funding.

Purchase the finance guide (£34.99) and an early bird convention ticket (£99) combined for only £125.


Combined offer expires Thu 3rd Oct.

This guide will include tips and tricks from a range of funding providers, offering valuable insight from the funders’ perspectives. Additionally, detailed case studies come from a cross-section of musicians, managers and businesses including End of the Road festival’s Sofia Hagberg, Signature Brew’s Sam McGregor, Redgrape Records and Carl Barat.

Its plain speaking tone and structure is designed to demystify how funding works for small creative businesses, enabling readers to discover sources of money they were previously unaware or unsure of.

Coming after several years of debating change across the live and recordings businesses, it is MusicTank’s first hands-on guide, aimed squarely at helping plug the funding gap that has long hampered the sector.

Remi Harris, author said: ‘The aim with ‘Easy Money?’ is to demystify funding for people working in music, and show exactly how it works. Access to finance is possibly the biggest problem for the majority of people operating in the UK music industry – that layer of artists, festival promoters, indie labels and others trying to get small businesses and projects off the ground. There is money around to fund your tour, finish your EP, produce your festival, but you may not know where it is, how much is available and how to get your hands on it. This book is designed to change that.’

MusicTank Chairman Keith Harris added: ‘We are extremely proud to be working with one of the UK’s leading authorities on music project funding, and Remi has more than delivered with this ‘Easy Money?’. It is MusicTank’s prime directive to educate people about the issues of the day, and access to finance for grassroots music projects is perhaps the most important for the long-term health of the UK industry. It’s not all doom and gloom – there IS money around, and Remi is one of the first to plant a massive signpost in the ground that clearly says to musicians and music business people: IT’S OVER THERE!’

Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council said: ‘This publication is timely. As the business of making a living from music gets harder this is an essential guide to ways of getting help, and learning the language needed to get that help. There’s probably no such thing as easy money from any funder, but as a funder who cares about true talent finding its way,  anything that makes it more likely that talent and funding find each other is very welcome. Remi Harris provides a clear and much needed guide to navigating the tricky geography of the funding landscape.

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