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Keith Harris OBE: Education’s Place In The Equality Debate

23 Aug 2016

Having been asked to Chair the Equality and Diversity taskforce for the UK Music industry, I was struck by a casual comment that I heard on Radio 4 the other day...

Is Pop Music The New Feminism?

15 Aug 2016

...an intriguing question for today’s society at a time where success, underrepresentation and gender imbalance are being widely discussed both within the music industry and in the media more generally.

Editorial: Diversity - Redressing An Imbalance

21 Jul 2016

“As a black man who’s worked in the highest levels of the music industry in both the US and the UK, I can tell you that a black American male has much better career prospects in the music industry than his UK counterpart.”

Editorial: It's The Economy, Stupid

16 Jun 2016

Fast forward to 2017, only time will tell whether we'll be discussing 2016 as positively, should the UK make a #Brexit on June 23, in which case the live sector, exports, manufacturing and copyright reform perhaps stand to loose the most...

The Music Industry & Mental Health: Can Music Make You Sick?

16 Jun 2016

Leading independent music charity, Help Musicians UK (HMUK), have launched a new industry mental health campaign and the country’s first ever academic research into the issue. The research is being led by Sally Gross and Dr George Musgrave, University of Westminster / MusicTank and begins with a survey that everyone working in music is urged to fill out...

Tidal Forecasts Strong Revenue Increase In 2016

16 Jun 2016

The struggle has been seismic for Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming platform since its launch in 2015. Recent figures however, suggest that it could be turning the corner in terms of its rising number of monthly subscribers...

Newsletter Editorial #125: Diversity's Whitewash

24 Mar 2016

The music industry’s tussle with the issue of diversity most recently typified by a near all-white role call of 2016 BRIT winners has rightly forced this important debate centre stage. And not before time. It’s bewildering why as an industry we find ourselves seemingly unable to embrace change and build a workforce that is truly representative of multi-cultural Britain.

Newsletter Editorial #124: Brexit - We Need To Talk About Europe

01 Feb 2016

With the Europe ‘In’ or ‘Out’ debate rarely off the news agenda, and with a forthcoming referendum that could take place as early as June, it’s somewhat surprising there hasn’t been more open dialogue across the music business about the implications of a result favouring Britain’s exit from the EU.

Keith Harris: Why Are Catalogue Albums Outselling New Releases?

28 Jan 2016

The trend over the last several years towards assuming that just because music is new, that it is good and chiming with a younger audience. The evidence from the live music market place with hugely successful tours from so called Heritage acts, would indicate that older music is very popular with young audiences.

MusicTank: 50% Off January Sale

05 Jan 2016

With time the most valuable commodity of all, why not take advantage of our discounts on time-saving music industry resources and know-how? Save 50% until January 31st on: MusicTank annual membership, The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects and Creators' Rights In The Digital Landscape Transcript...

Newsletter Editorial #123 - Truth & Reconciliation: Recalibrating Creators' Share From Digital

16 Dec 2015

The legal instruments created in good faith to protect creators’ digital rights have comprehensively failed to evolve during the rapid development of digital and online distribution. Depressingly, to re-visit and amend WIPO Treaties is a herculean task...

Women In Music In 2015 - 'Who Run The World'

03 Dec 2015

'Who Run The World' is a new company established to help improve visibility of women in music in the grass roots scene.

Women In Music In 2015 - How Far Have We Come?

30 Nov 2015

What a year 2015 has been. In the mist of big events for the industry, Apple Music launched, Adele releasing much-anticipated new music and streaming platforms biting the dust, it has sadly, been a year when we've seen that we work in an industry where sexism still very much exists...

Creators Rights Infographic Event Summary

19 Nov 2015

Despite operating under International Treaties in a global market, and moving towards a single digital market in Europe, the lack of harmonisation of performers' rights across the EU remains one of the biggest issues. These rich visual summaries capture the key points of a topic unpicked by a passionate panel calling for a "truth and reconciliation process between labels and performers" without which, "the future is very bleak".

Newsletter Editorial #122 - The Digital Rights Divide: Making Available & Equitable Remuneration

21 Oct 2015

The inexorable rise in the growth of streaming services isn't good news for the majority of artists and performers, who currently reap significantly lower royalty payments from an increasing number of licensed streams compared to royalties they derive elsewhere, such as from broadcasts and sales of recordings.

Paul Pacifico: Is Compulsory Licensing The New Next Big Thing (Again?)

18 Sep 2015

Compulsory Licensing (‘CL’) is an option that has historically been seen as anti-competitive and as closing down a free market in favour of some sort of socialist protectionism for artists. In actual fact, it may just be the platform the digital market needs to open up competition and foster the innovation in services and business models so desperately needed.

Newsletter Editorial #121 - Mind The Gap: Digital Service Licensing, Innovation & IP

18 Sep 2015

2015 is turning out to be a transformational year for the music industry with a near endless supply of headline news around all things ‘digital’…The speed of development of innovative new models in the digital marketplace highlights huge gaps in legislative solutions for the application of IP rights and the urgent need for bold imaginative reform...

Keith Harris - Inconsistencies In Government Arts Policy...

17 Sep 2015

I’ve spent quite a lot of time recently wondering whether anybody is actually in charge of government policy with regards to the Arts or whether ministers just randomly make things up as they go along, depending on their current whim...

Callaghan’s Guide To House Tours

27 Jul 2015

The idea is simple if not unique: A fan or music enthusiast hosts a show at their home, they invite friends and fellow music lovers to come and hear the artist play, all the guests make a donation to keep the artist touring, at the end they sell merchandise and hang out with the audience.

Newsletter Editorial #120 - Transparency: Digital Problems In An Analogue World

17 Jul 2015

We know that the transparency technology brings in the digital space allows for grass roots movements to coalesce & drive change like never before. Change is both possible & necessary on many fronts. Today, that front is the inequitable status of commercial radio in the USA and the fight to ensure #fairplayfairpay for all artists, everywhere.

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