Newsletter Editorial #118: The Digital Pie - Something's Gotta Give...

21 May 2015

In the race to legitimacy, those crafting the raw material on which licensed digital services depend - the song - face transparency complexities of Gordian Knot proportions, and which show few signs of abating...

Robert Ashcroft's 2015 PRS AGM Speech

20 May 2015

At the 2015 PRS AGM on Tuesday Robert Ashcroft, PRS for Music's Chief Executive delivered a speech where he drew attention to the hurdles faced by songwriters and publishers that preclude them from getting "fair value" for their work...

EU Private Copying: Situation Report - Spain

30 Apr 2015

Ahead of a forthcoming MusicTank debate on the topic of who pays for the right to copy, beginning with a look at Spain, Arya Rinaldo kick-starts an analysis of the European Copyright Directive regarding the different approaches individual EU member states bring to the issue of rightsholder compensation for private copying...

Paul Pacifico: Reaching For The Stars – Do We Really Think Music Is Worth It?

28 Apr 2015

As a society, we seem to acknowledge that music is a good thing for kids to do and that it is culturally and commercially important with the UK Music sector punching well above its weight globally and generating big numbers for UK plc, but we don’t really believe it. Not deep down. Not enough to invest and get behind it like we do sport or science...

Newsletter Editorial #117: Who Pays For The Right To Copy?

15 Apr 2015

Earlier this month, MusicTank published the second whitepaper under its Future Thinking strand of activity - Private Copying Of Music: A New Model For Artist Compensation. This paper probes the issue of rightsholder compensation with regards to private copying...

Keith Harris: Got to Give it Up?

01 Apr 2015

In my mind, there is no doubt that the correct conclusion has been reached in the copyright infringement case, at least from a justice point of view. I’m not quite so sure, that in the context of the existing copyright law however that the decision was absolutely correct.

Sam Rudy: Private Copying Of Music - A New Model For Artist Compensation

26 Mar 2015

This paper argues for an immediate EU wide statutory introduction of an improved blank tape levy. It proposes an evolution of the concept of private copying and in doing so suggests that this new levy could provide urgently needed remuneration to music rights holders...

ILLUSTRATIONS: Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R

23 Mar 2015

Rich graphical summaries of MusicTank's big data event - 'Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R', 10 March 2015.

Newsletter Editorial #116: Retail Therapy

04 Mar 2015

Retail is indeed a diverse, complex and multi-channel connector between creators and consumers. Innovation in retail needs to be met with similar innovation in music – in particular, music licensing, especially music publishing... licensing content ‘at any cost’ is simply not an option for rights holders, anymore than it is for the historically low-margin music retail sector.

Jeremy Silver: Big Data and Music – Situation Report

03 Mar 2015

Big data often refers to the very large and highly complex data-sets thrown off by global online consumer activity, particularly arising from social media. For the most part, big data is being used to help understand what has happened in the recent past – it also has the potential to be used to predict the future likelihood of success.

Martin Mills: 'Digital Giants', Disaggregation & Global Release Day

27 Feb 2015

We must not allow the dominant players in our supply side industry to use their oligopolostic power misguidedly to pervert the market to what they may see as their short term advantage, at the cost of the diversity and opportunity in the market that we love, and of the album format, which sustains our retail partners, allows artists the form of expression they need, and fans the format they want.

Alison Lamb: Smart Data - Labels, Artists, Brands & Fans

27 Feb 2015

Ahead of Music Tank’s upcoming event ‘Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R’ this blog looks to explore the varying roles that big data plays in the music industry. Big data often refers to ‘the very large and highly complex data sets thrown off by global online consumer activity, particularly arising from social media activity such as on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or from page-views of sits such as Wikipedia’

Brian Message: The “Real Value” Relationship Between Managers and Retailers

25 Feb 2015

Brian Message's ERA Manifesto launch speech, focusing on transparency, NDA's and the broken economic cycle between artist, label and consumer.

VIDEO - Prithwijit Mukerji: Moneyballing Music

19 Feb 2015

Prithwijit's video introduces you to our March 10th think tank. This event will consider how the recorded music industry is currently collecting and using data to support a historically subjective process of signing new artists, and will go on to look at the potential of smart data for the wider industry...

Newsletter Editorial #115: Fair-Weather Friend?

10 Feb 2015

The music industry can be forgiven for feeling hard done-by of late – with two pieces of legislation recently given the bums rush by UK Government plc. This lack of support on key areas of policy is worrying given the sector’s net contribution to the UK Economy (worth £3.6bn in 2013), and is out of step with the burgeoning UK creative and cultural sector which is increasingly looked upon as being a key driver in pulling the EU out of recession.

Newsletter #114: 2015 -The Road Ahead...

15 Jan 2015

With a New Year upon us, there can be no doubt that the pace of innovation and change so evident across large swathes of the music industry landscape in 2014 will continue apace, and necessarily so. With innovation in mind, it’s perhaps fitting for this first MusicTank newsletter of 2015 to highlight plenty of new MusicTank activity scheduled over the next few months...

Newsletter #113: This Business Of Live Music

11 Dec 2014

The simple truth is that the vast majority of small capacity live music venues ironically can’t sustain themselves solely through live music; rather they cross-subsidise live music from the profit made by club nights and private hires. It’s a pretty grim state of affairs. “…the ‘rule book’ for the small venue sector was written in the 70s, little has changed since and there’s been a definite lack in asking for what we’s time to do something radical.” Mark Davyd - Music Venue Trust

Newsletter #112: Swift Exit

12 Nov 2014

Artists and managers must ultimately decide what’s right for them, and its within their gift to deny any platform content but clarity of approach is essential if it’s not to give consumers a mixed message, which is not in anyone’s interests. There are encouraging signs from some quarters that streaming platforms are growing their revenue generating capabilities - it just needs to flow through more equitably and transparently to the artist.

Artists Are Finally Part Of The Debate: Did The Industry Just Turn The Corner?

23 Oct 2014

Whilst many established industry power-houses are still unwilling to engage in productive dialogue with artists, it seems that there are gaps appearing in the historic armour plating which kept the artists out of the board rooms and that the green shoots of useful conversations might be starting to appear.

LIVE SCRIBE: Is Technology The New Beatles?

19 Sep 2014

Rich graphical summaries of MusicTank's music and technology event - 'Is Technology The New Beatles', 16 Sept 2014.

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