#91 Newsletter Editorial: The Dark Side Of The Tune - The Hidden Energy Cost Of Digital Music Consumption

13 Sep 2012

The Dark Side of the Tune reviews current research on the costs of data traffic and highlights some of the energy costs inherent in a range of existing digital music services. These costs are both startling and surprising...

Keith Jopling: Is It Worth Innovating With Physical Music?

12 Jul 2012

In the last of this series on music formats innovation I want to briefly look at physical formats. That’s the CD, I suppose. Though luxury Box Sets and Vinyl – both in the ascendancy – are much more the objects of desire that play to the strengths of the word ‘physical’...

#88 Newsletter Editorial: Riding On The Coke Tales

10 May 2012

The last fortnight has seen developments in the digital music world that, at first glance, appear to pull in different directions in terms of answering the challenge of growing the digital music market. The stick approach: with the impending block of the Pirate Bay, traffic (and by extension infringement)...

#87 Newsletter Editorial: Rays Of Light

02 Apr 2012

It may just be the warmer weather, but there’s definitely a spring in the recording business’ step; people are making money. The latest IFPI figures don’t quite bear this out: despite digital growing to over 30% of recordings revenues, physical is still in greater decline. That decline is slowing however, and it looks like the worst of the bad weather will pass within the next one or two editions of the IFPI’s annual stats tome.

Keith Jopling: Stepping Up Music Innovation

02 Apr 2012

A good service launch needs a magical combination of money, partnership and a purpose - a clear audience to serve or customer problem to solve. Beyond launch, those factors of course change to more grown up concerns - revenue generation, sustainable operations...

#86 Newsletter Editorial - Streaming, Stats & The Full SP.

21 Feb 2012

Our enquiries are showing that the recordings business is taking a rightly cautious approach to streaming, with the labels we’ve been speaking to - successful independents and majors - carrying out their own research into how streaming affects consumption across their rosters...

#85 Newsletter Editorial - Cool For Stats...

26 Jan 2012

On a digital business and industry PR level, a new maxim is emerging: research. Digital services are appearing and developing with relentlessly quickly, and with both music and the Internet so obviously beloved by everyone, it would be strange if issues relating to file-sharing and how copyright works in the digital age weren’t hugely interesting to the general public...

#84 Newsletter Editorial - Charting Change

08 Dec 2011

Where to begin? Let’s start with the lack of transparency; services and labels remaining tight lipped about the royalty rates they pay or receive for streams...These are difficult times for a sector trying to reinvent itself in digital while curating a declining physical business, and a lack of transparency will lead to rumour and misreporting, creating a knowledge vacuum for many, with ignorance creating fear.

Keith Harris: The Charts - A Race to the Bottom...?

21 Nov 2011

I am intrigued by the rowing back from on-air, on-sale by record labels seeking a higher chart entry. In recent weeks I have taken to asking at various music seminars that I have attended, aimed at young people wanting to get into the industry, if anybody knows what is number one in the charts in that week. Very few attendees ever seem to know, or probably even more importantly…care.

#83 Newsletter Editorial - Reasons To Be Cheerful

01 Nov 2011

The world is in the midst of a global financial and economic crisis. Last week European leaders arguably saved a faltering Euro by agreeing to write off 50% of Greek debt and set aside 1 trillion Euros to promote financial stability. Closer to home, protesters at St. Paul’s argue that capitalism is broken, and banking and political systems are to blame...

Keith Jopling: Is The Music Industry Really Ready To Innovate?

31 Oct 2011

Innovation is the watchword in business at the moment, with all sectors keen to look to new ideas to help drive some growth out of the glum depths of the current recession. The music industry is no exception with a slate of new digital services – from Deezer, Blackberry and Virgin Media in the UK (and Facebook and Google initially in the US)...

#81 Newsletter Editorial - Remake, Remodel: Review

29 Jun 2011

So a late afternoon spent in the Boardroom of PRS discussing five key themes to emerge from Tony Wadsworth’s recent label report. Artist development, changing media, the health of the label, digital vs. physical and the alternatives for artists – what did we learn?

#79 Newsletter Editorial - Remake, Remodel

16 May 2011

MusicTank's 4th Industry Report, written by BPI Chairman and former Chairman & CEO, EMI Music UK & Ireland Tony Wadsworth, draws from the quarter century Tony has spent on the frontline of the record business - including the most tumultuous decade in its history. It defies much of the accepted wisdom and reveals the latest thinking on the evolution and future of the record company through conversations with some of the sector's top executives.

Latest MusicTank Report: Tony Wadsworth Puts Labels in the Spotlight

10 May 2011

"The music industry continues to evolve and record companies are at the heart of that change - nurturing the latest talent, forging new ways to reach fans and creating exciting music experiences. Tony's knowledge and insight means he is well-placed to explore these themes and articulate emerging trends too." John Reid, Warner Music Europe & International Marketing, Warner Music Group.

James Drury: Police and PRS – Paying The Bill

07 Apr 2011

"These are probably two of the most hotly-disputed parts of a festival’s costs: Police and PRS. When PRS For Music announced in June last year that it was to review the tariff for live music events, it came at a time when the festival industry was facing financial pressure..."

#78 Newsletter Editorial - The Money Issue

21 Mar 2011

With a new budget just a couple of days away, it seems a good time to draw together some growing issues around the levying of VAT on the time right for the industry to lobby for a Europe-wide VAT exemption on music?

Going Viral

04 Mar 2011

Matt Smith’s lightening tour through the fundamentals - the processes and rules of engagement - of what makes a video go viral - a summary from his keynote MusicTank presentation, 03.03.11 - 'How To Spawn A Viral Hit'.

MT Community response: Number One with a Bullet?

04 Feb 2011

Regarding this newsletter editorial and 'front-loaded' releases...could the record companies not set up a system allowing reviewers, DJs, etc. to stream pre-release versions of any future-single or album? This would solve the issue of p2p sharing as no 'tangible' version would have been available prior to official release.

#77 Newsletter Editorial - Ringing In the Changes

20 Jan 2011

The radio-to-release window has effectively been closed, meaning that for the majority of new releases, fans will be able to buy tracks as soon as they hear them on radio. The move offers a legitimate solution for people unwilling to wait weeks to buy a track they like who might otherwise be tempted to piracy. It will also see the chart return to being a meaningful signpost of popularity, where tracks enter and climb rather than chart high then immediately plummet.

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