Andy Inglis: Live Sector Compliance

29 Mar 2012

Venue owners and promoters face a slew of legislation top-down; from the proposed changes to the Licensing Act (seldom out of the news) to a burgeoning raft of health and safety legislation, noise abatement issues, security and temporary event notices...

Andy Inglis: The Lie Of The Land - Sector Overview

01 Mar 2012

Live course part 1 - This introductory session considered the changing nature of the audience in a world where attention spans are shortening, where technology and an explosion in media makes never leaving the house an attractive proposition, and how venues can adapt to cope and survive in the teeth of arguably the worst economic crisis in history.

Keith Harris: Form 696 Lives...

06 Feb 2012

Congratulations are due to Lord Tim Clement-Jones, The Musicians Union and UK Music for their recent success in carrying through the live music bill, making it possible for musicians to play in venues of up to 200 people without the venue requiring a license. It has been a long and certainly worthwhile campaign...

Hamish Birchall: The Live Music Bill Clears Its Last Commons Hurdle...

26 Jan 2012

It is now on the home straight to becoming law. Two minor amendments agreed in Commons Committee must be ratified in the Lords, probably within a fortnight, and dates set for Royal Assent. Implementation will require secondary legislation. A lead-in period of several months is likely to allow time for the live music sections within statutory Licensing Guidance to be rewritten.

#85 Newsletter Editorial - Cool For Stats...

26 Jan 2012

On a digital business and industry PR level, a new maxim is emerging: research. Digital services are appearing and developing with relentlessly quickly, and with both music and the Internet so obviously beloved by everyone, it would be strange if issues relating to file-sharing and how copyright works in the digital age weren’t hugely interesting to the general public...

Keith Jopling: Who’s Driving New Music Industry Insights?

08 Dec 2011

EMI Open is now up & running (EMI’s Sandbox facility for developers via API’s) and Spotify announced its plans to – yes once again – go the way of the API – allowing app developers to plug into its streaming catalogue (though controversially the commercials once again look conspicuously absent).

John King: The Live Sector May Be Better Off Rejecting Government’s Proposals To Overhaul Entertainment Licensing.

30 Nov 2011

In September, DCMS published their long awaited consultation entitled ‘Proposal to exempt regulated entertainment from the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003’...

#82 Newsletter Editorial - Red Tape, Wrong Place

22 Sep 2011

The UK live business has seen an array of deals, consultations and closures this summer, as each element of the sector has aimed to innovate against a struggling economy. Those in the corridors of power are often accused of not providing enough assistance to the fledgling or enough control over the aggressive...

Falling Down: The Live Experience

17 Jun 2011

MusicTank’s sold-out Live Industry course recently concluded, with the quality of the live experience coming under particular scrutiny. “Generally speaking, touring in the UK means all the tins of Red Stripe you need to kill the pain…”

Done & Dusted

27 May 2011

...The live industry is a bit murky from the outside. Not murky in an illegal sense; just.... you know... murky. A bit confusing, impenetrable.

The Trials And Tribulations Of The Luminaire

18 May 2011

It's a tough time to get involved with music. The job market's the toughest it's been in decades, and don't forget the music business comes under the 'arts' banner, and the arts are being hammered by funding cuts. Don't lose heart though. Stick at it, and remember that the wonderful thing about this business is that most people who work in it don't really know what they're doing, so if you're better than the next person, and the next person's an idiot, you'll get to where you want to go in the end.

Compliance: Burden Or Life Saver?

12 May 2011

The other evening I asked Dominique Czopor to come in and talk to us about compliance, health and safety, risk assessments, licenses and local authorities - The important stuff. The stuff that most small operators don't really bother with because their council never gets off their arse to come around and check up on them...

James Drury: Police and PRS – Paying The Bill

07 Apr 2011

"These are probably two of the most hotly-disputed parts of a festival’s costs: Police and PRS. When PRS For Music announced in June last year that it was to review the tariff for live music events, it came at a time when the festival industry was facing financial pressure..."

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