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Brian Message: The “Real Value” Relationship Between Managers and Retailers

25 Feb 2015

Brian Message's ERA Manifesto launch speech, focusing on transparency, NDA's and the broken economic cycle between artist, label and consumer.

VIDEO - Prithwijit Mukerji: Moneyballing Music

19 Feb 2015

Prithwijit's video introduces you to our March 10th think tank. This event will consider how the recorded music industry is currently collecting and using data to support a historically subjective process of signing new artists, and will go on to look at the potential of smart data for the wider industry...

Newsletter Editorial #115: Fair-Weather Friend?

10 Feb 2015

The music industry can be forgiven for feeling hard done-by of late – with two pieces of legislation recently given the bums rush by UK Government plc. This lack of support on key areas of policy is worrying given the sector’s net contribution to the UK Economy (worth £3.6bn in 2013), and is out of step with the burgeoning UK creative and cultural sector which is increasingly looked upon as being a key driver in pulling the EU out of recession.

Newsletter #114: 2015 -The Road Ahead...

15 Jan 2015

With a New Year upon us, there can be no doubt that the pace of innovation and change so evident across large swathes of the music industry landscape in 2014 will continue apace, and necessarily so. With innovation in mind, it’s perhaps fitting for this first MusicTank newsletter of 2015 to highlight plenty of new MusicTank activity scheduled over the next few months...


13 Jan 2015

MUSICTANK TICKETING COVERAGE: EVENTS AND WRITE UPS Read more at http://musictank.swddev.com/blog/ticketing/#vVBphtPg5efYcYRu.99

Keith Harris: Gifting Music - Streaming's Biggest Challenge?

12 Jan 2015

There is little doubt in my mind that the high level of physical consumption is still a factor governed by the need for people to give music at Christmas, which is not adequately catered for in anything other than the physical form.

Newsletter #113: This Business Of Live Music

11 Dec 2014

The simple truth is that the vast majority of small capacity live music venues ironically can’t sustain themselves solely through live music; rather they cross-subsidise live music from the profit made by club nights and private hires. It’s a pretty grim state of affairs. “…the ‘rule book’ for the small venue sector was written in the 70s, little has changed since and there’s been a definite lack in asking for what we need...it’s time to do something radical.” Mark Davyd - Music Venue Trust

The Method Behind The Madness Of Creative Recycling At Glastonbury

21 Nov 2014

Environmental sustainability is a major factor in hosting any music festival or major event. Whether it is ensuring that waste is recycled, stages are using the minimal amount of power or carbon footprints are decreased; a lot of energy goes in to making sure that the environment comes first on the list of priorities...

Newsletter #112: Swift Exit

12 Nov 2014

Artists and managers must ultimately decide what’s right for them, and its within their gift to deny any platform content but clarity of approach is essential if it’s not to give consumers a mixed message, which is not in anyone’s interests. There are encouraging signs from some quarters that streaming platforms are growing their revenue generating capabilities - it just needs to flow through more equitably and transparently to the artist.

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival

28 Oct 2014

The unexpected sales success of music formatting last year has been labelled ‘The Vinyl Revival’. Laura Creed, Superfi has delved into how and why the cult following for vinyl has resurfaced in this booming digital age. Alongside this, she questions the popularity of digital and what this could mean for the music industry (includes info graphic)...

Artists Are Finally Part Of The Debate: Did The Industry Just Turn The Corner?

23 Oct 2014

Whilst many established industry power-houses are still unwilling to engage in productive dialogue with artists, it seems that there are gaps appearing in the historic armour plating which kept the artists out of the board rooms and that the green shoots of useful conversations might be starting to appear.

Newsletter #111: 'E' Is For Energy - The Elephant In The Room

09 Oct 2014

Whilst the environmental debate regarding global warming ebbs and flows on a near-daily basis, the issue of energy consumption of the storage, transmission and consumption of data – itself exacerbated by the explosion in cloud storage and cloud computing – appears to be more conclusive...

LIVE SCRIBE: Is Technology The New Beatles?

19 Sep 2014

Rich graphical summaries of MusicTank's music and technology event - 'Is Technology The New Beatles', 16 Sept 2014.

Newsletter #110: The Politics Of Regulation

10 Sep 2014

If we are going to get a coherent policy that doesn’t change with each new Secretary of State, let’s hope the roll call of past and current policy contradictions spanning music education, noise abatement, the licensing act and the digital economy become less about being pawns in the electioneering game and more about a robust and fully considered music industry policy fit for a connected 21st Century.

Tony Wadsworth: Farewell Speech - BPI AGM, 2014

04 Sep 2014

"In the recent past, government advisers have sometimes fallen into the trap of seeing the protection of intellectual property and content as a barrier to the growth of technology. I think that perception is changing for the better - creative content drives technology growth, but without support, investment and protection, it will suffer, and the industries that depend on it will suffer, and that includes technology."

Keith Harris: Technology Can Enhance, Not Kill The Album Format

19 Aug 2014

There is tendency to always assume that new technology will kill things - radio, movies, television, albums - the truth is that it isn’t necessarily so. Perhaps for the current mass-market consumer the album is not popular, but I think that there are still many artists who are able to put together a body of work, which demands to be heard in the form in which it was conceived.

Jazz Services: Onwards And Upwards

23 Jul 2014

Jazz Services are willing and able to keep providing for and supporting the UK’s jazz scene. Instead of despairing, the support from the people at the heart of the jazz scene has helped inspire us to come back better than ever, and we’re eager to live up to the faith they’ve shown in us. Onwards and upwards…

Newsletter #109: Conscious Coupling

16 Jul 2014

Technology and music - historically, it’s been a difficult marriage. The rapid growth of digital represents an evolutionary leap, impacting creation and production through to distribution and consumption and it feels like we’re now at a cross roads, with one direction signposting incredibly exciting, viable and sustainable new opportunities; the other pointing to a single track road dominated by the on-coming tech-orientated juggernauts of Google, Apple and co. who show little sign of giving way.

Stephen Budd: Professionalising The UK Afrobeats Industry

17 Jun 2014

I've had a long love affair with African music, starting in my early twenties when I discovered Nigeria's Fela Kuti. His unique Afrobeat rhythms and deep political message and especially his incredible live performances, blew me away and in my mind he became the African equivalent of Bob Marley. His sons Femi and Seun keep that proud tradition alive and constantly perform around the world.

Newsletter #108: Performance And The Public Purse

10 Jun 2014

Publicly funded, world-class institutions such as The National Theatre have a duty of care to uphold the integrity of live performance and in the process ensure a rich and vibrant future for music theatre performance.

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