Andy Inglis: Re-booting Live

28 Mar 2011

"...There's no going back. And there's no telling what's coming next. And that's exciting. And it leads to fascinating discussions where people expound on the future of live music." Andy Inglis explains all from Monday 4th April...

#78 Newsletter Editorial - The Money Issue

21 Mar 2011

With a new budget just a couple of days away, it seems a good time to draw together some growing issues around the levying of VAT on the time right for the industry to lobby for a Europe-wide VAT exemption on music?

Going Viral

04 Mar 2011

Matt Smith’s lightening tour through the fundamentals - the processes and rules of engagement - of what makes a video go viral - a summary from his keynote MusicTank presentation, 03.03.11 - 'How To Spawn A Viral Hit'.

The Electric Proms - RIP?

04 Feb 2011

That such a rich, vibrant and culturally significant music brand is to be dropped from the TV schedules is truly disappointing...what other TV platform produces such treats as Elton John teaming up with Plan B, an exclusive Robbie Williams night with a special string and horn section, Dizzee Rascal performing with an orchestra for 1Xtra or Oasis on stage with the Crouch End Festival Chorus?

#77 Newsletter Editorial - Ringing In the Changes

20 Jan 2011

The radio-to-release window has effectively been closed, meaning that for the majority of new releases, fans will be able to buy tracks as soon as they hear them on radio. The move offers a legitimate solution for people unwilling to wait weeks to buy a track they like who might otherwise be tempted to piracy. It will also see the chart return to being a meaningful signpost of popularity, where tracks enter and climb rather than chart high then immediately plummet.

Feargal Sharkey: CEO, UK Music: Access To Finance

18 Jan 2011

Access to finance is one of UK Music’s ongoing priorities – working to open up schemes like the Enterprise Finance Guarantee, or helping banks and Government understand the pressures and needs of music entrepreneurs. More...

A&R Radio

10 Jan 2011

In answer to your request for ideas, 'kooky' or otherwise...why not set up a radio station publicly previewing material not yet commercially released by publishers and producers? (material that's been filtered for quality, genre relevance, etc.)


22 Jun 2010

I believe we as an industry should focus on the development of a proper micropayment system, wherein people are asked to pay a smaller amount for access to quality content...

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