#90 Newsletter Editorial: GigTickets.Com

12 Jul 2012

Some of the problems faced by the live business, such as ticket fraud, could broadly be considered black and white issues, whereas secondary ticketing is fifty shades of grey (ba-boom)...With the Association of Independent Festivals soon to announce its ongoing efforts toward fairer ticketing, we wonder whether black and white or grey, the ticketing issues faced by the live music business, might yet get solved in the foreseeable future.

#89 Newsletter Editorial: Kickstarting Crowdfunding

14 Jun 2012

Crowdfunded music artist projects, recently brought into the limelight by Amanda Palmer’s remarkable success through Kickstarter, cannot be made to work for just anyone. There, we said it. And not out of skepticism or dismissiveness either. Here are five things to consider...

Andy Inglis: Beat Surrender? The Grass-Roots Live Music Industry Is Self-Harming

28 May 2012

In his riposte to recent Observer and Guardian articles concerning the plight of small venues, Andy Inglis is convinced that the struggles lies more with attitudes to culture and funding. He is also convinced that attitudes to guest lists and freebies make us all potentially part of the problem...

John King: Is There A Particular Ethnic Group Attending?

22 May 2012

In an 'intelligence' gathering move - more Laurel and Hardy than Holmes and Watson - Essex Police have reintroduced the music-profiling question “Music style to be played /performed”, but assumed that the genre 'bashment' was a spelling mistake and had renamed it 'basement'...

#88 Newsletter Editorial: Riding On The Coke Tales

10 May 2012

The last fortnight has seen developments in the digital music world that, at first glance, appear to pull in different directions in terms of answering the challenge of growing the digital music market. The stick approach: with the impending block of the Pirate Bay, traffic (and by extension infringement)...

Keith Harris: Drugs, Booze & Rock ‘n’ Roll

10 May 2012

In the past week I have watched documentary films about two of British rock's most talented and creative musicians whose careers were both cut short by drug induced psychosis - Syd Barrett founder and creative force behind the early Pink Floyd, and Peter Green who had the same role in the early Fleetwood Mac...

#87 Newsletter Editorial: Rays Of Light

02 Apr 2012

It may just be the warmer weather, but there’s definitely a spring in the recording business’ step; people are making money. The latest IFPI figures don’t quite bear this out: despite digital growing to over 30% of recordings revenues, physical is still in greater decline. That decline is slowing however, and it looks like the worst of the bad weather will pass within the next one or two editions of the IFPI’s annual stats tome.

Keith Harris: If It Ain't Broke Don't Sell It To Private Enterprise

02 Apr 2012

Why is Jeremy Hunt, the Minister of Culture, effectively kicking the Chair of the Arts Council out of her job by failing to renew her contract? The answer is apparently to get someone in who can bring more private investment into the arts. This seems to be a recurring theme...

Keith Jopling: Stepping Up Music Innovation

02 Apr 2012

A good service launch needs a magical combination of money, partnership and a purpose - a clear audience to serve or customer problem to solve. Beyond launch, those factors of course change to more grown up concerns - revenue generation, sustainable operations...

Andy Inglis: Live Sector Compliance

29 Mar 2012

Venue owners and promoters face a slew of legislation top-down; from the proposed changes to the Licensing Act (seldom out of the news) to a burgeoning raft of health and safety legislation, noise abatement issues, security and temporary event notices...

Andy Inglis: Learning By Example - UK & Overseas Case Studies

26 Mar 2012

The Luminaire…from award-winning venue to shut-down in under six years. A thorough examination of why it was opened, how it tried to be different, how it was received by the audience, artists and industry, what went right, what went wrong and what its legacy was...

Andy Inglis: Selling The Gig - Ticketing

14 Mar 2012

From Ticketmaster and WeGotTickets to the new direct-to-fan companies snapping at their heels, we'll look at booking and administration fees, kickbacks, paperless tickets, entry systems, fraud and what new technology has in store for the future of ticketing...

Andy Inglis: Selling The Gig - Marketing & Promotion

08 Mar 2012

Part 2 - From promoting the barely-breaking-even backroom gig, right up to sold out arena shows, we’ll consider the full gamut of marketing methods available. What tricks can be learned...

Dave Carroll: YouTube Sensation On MU's Policy for Instruments On Planes

06 Mar 2012

Nearly three years ago I wrote and produced the first in a trilogy of YouTube videos called United Breaks Guitars. Following a bad experience with United Airlines, where baggage handlers were seen mishandling our bands instruments...

Andy Inglis: The Lie Of The Land - Sector Overview

01 Mar 2012

Live course part 1 - This introductory session considered the changing nature of the audience in a world where attention spans are shortening, where technology and an explosion in media makes never leaving the house an attractive proposition, and how venues can adapt to cope and survive in the teeth of arguably the worst economic crisis in history.

#86 Newsletter Editorial - Streaming, Stats & The Full SP.

21 Feb 2012

Our enquiries are showing that the recordings business is taking a rightly cautious approach to streaming, with the labels we’ve been speaking to - successful independents and majors - carrying out their own research into how streaming affects consumption across their rosters...

Keith Harris: Form 696 Lives...

06 Feb 2012

Congratulations are due to Lord Tim Clement-Jones, The Musicians Union and UK Music for their recent success in carrying through the live music bill, making it possible for musicians to play in venues of up to 200 people without the venue requiring a license. It has been a long and certainly worthwhile campaign...

Hamish Birchall: The Live Music Bill Clears Its Last Commons Hurdle...

26 Jan 2012

It is now on the home straight to becoming law. Two minor amendments agreed in Commons Committee must be ratified in the Lords, probably within a fortnight, and dates set for Royal Assent. Implementation will require secondary legislation. A lead-in period of several months is likely to allow time for the live music sections within statutory Licensing Guidance to be rewritten.

#85 Newsletter Editorial - Cool For Stats...

26 Jan 2012

On a digital business and industry PR level, a new maxim is emerging: research. Digital services are appearing and developing with relentlessly quickly, and with both music and the Internet so obviously beloved by everyone, it would be strange if issues relating to file-sharing and how copyright works in the digital age weren’t hugely interesting to the general public...

#84 Newsletter Editorial - Charting Change

08 Dec 2011

Where to begin? Let’s start with the lack of transparency; services and labels remaining tight lipped about the royalty rates they pay or receive for streams...These are difficult times for a sector trying to reinvent itself in digital while curating a declining physical business, and a lack of transparency will lead to rumour and misreporting, creating a knowledge vacuum for many, with ignorance creating fear.

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