Right to Reply on MusicTank's P2P Busters Newsletter, 11 October '07

12 Oct 2007

12 October 2007, MATT PHILLIPS, Head of Communications, BPI


Agree with many of the points raised in the last issue.

But I don’t understand the “suing customers” line. A one-time shopper turned shoplifter does not a customer make. People are not sued for being customers. When you start giving music away to millions of other people, whether you bought it or not in the first place is irrelevant.

New business models will not return the business to growth unless you counter the fact that only 5% of downloads are paid for. No-one here thinks that this is a litigation vs. new business models vs. hearts and minds issue. All three are important. And all three can and will be done better.

Of course consumer choice through new distribution models gives alternatives to theft. And the labels are embracing them. But someone has to counter the theft somehow and law enforcement, though rarely popular, is a necessary and effective part of the solution.


Matt Phillips.

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