Selling The Gig: Ticketing & Festivals

21 Apr 2011

So that’s Ticketing and Festivals taken care of.

Both subjects would have benefitted from at least twice the time allocated, but that’s just the way it goes when we’re trying to cram the entire live industry into eighteen hours, with time for breaks and anecdotally-charged tangents. WeGotTickets’ Dave Newton just about contained his justified disdain for the secondary ticketing market, and didn’t have much time for my what’s-the-difference-between-that-and-buying-a-house-to-sell-on-at-a-profit analogy (we had a fist-fight in the pub afterwards to settle it) and Sofia Hagberg, co-founder of of End of The Road Festival, charmed the room without having to buy anyone any chocolate, and showed that with a lot of belief, perseverance, and a willingness to lose everything you own, great things can be created by good people.

We learned that promoters need to take some of the blame for high booking fees, if they insist on kick-backs (either a lump sum of cash from a ticketing company in exchange for their business, or a percentage of the booking fee) and that no-one really wants a choice between Budweiser and Budweiser at a festival bar. And if anyone does, they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a festival.

Or a bar.

Or me.

We have a two week break to allow a couple of people no-one knows to get married, and for some deity or other to be worshipped, then we’re back with Dominique Czopor of Guildford’s Boileroom venue who’ll be schooling our asses in the ways of licenses, local authority directives and what to do when the local community bowls up to your door carrying burning torches and pitchforks.


MusicTank’s Live Industry course continues Mon 9th May. Limited places available.

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