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VLOGS: How To Fund Your Music Project, by Remi Harris – MusicTank

VLOGS: How To Fund Your Music Project, by Remi Harris

14 May 2014

Remi Harris introduces each of the six main chapters of her recent guide, ‘Easy Money? The Definitive UK Guide To Funding Music Projects’, through a series of personable and accessible vlogs.  Building on her extensive knowledge of creative industries’ funding Remi considers the six main sources of money: Grants, Friends & Family, Crowdfunding, Sponsorship, Debt and Investment – and the five-stage process essential to securing music business funding.


  1. Grants
  2. Friends & Family 
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Debt Finance
  6. Investment

It’s not commonly known that funding is available for touring, recording, songwriting and marketing, provided you know where to look and even more importantly, how to apply. This chapter begins with two case studies of music industry grant funding – Small Green Shoots, Amplify Dot and Circuit Live (case study A) and Rachel Sermanni, Robert Hicks and Middle Of Nowhere Records (case study B). It then looks at arts councils across the UK (collectively, the single largest source of funding) and the PRS for Music Foundation, and these organisations’ music funding policies, with insights from the funders themselves. This chapter also considers the application process with tips from funding insiders, includes pointers for realistic budget preparation and a thorough explanation of the funding relationship. It concludes with a list of key funding organisations. | top

Grants & Charitable Trusts (BUY: £5.99) |   Full Guide Details


Raising money from friends and family is one of the most common ways to seed fund a small business or music career. Beginning with Sofia Hagberg’s End Of The Road festival (case study C), this chapter considers the advantages and pitfalls of raising money from those closest to you. It looks at how to go about asking for money, and includes suggestions of measures you can take to both structure the funding and safeguard relationships, both personal and financial. | top

Friends & Family (BUY: £4.99) | Full Guide Details


Tom Williams and The Boat (case study D) and James Yuill (case study E) detail two successful crowdfunding campaigns and explore the challenges faced by these artists. It will then look at the different forms crowdfunding can take and profile three of the most important sites for crowdfunded music. It concludes with some useful tips and a list of alternative sites you could use. | top

Crowdfunding (BUY: £4.99) |  Full Guide Details
This chapter begins with a case study on a brand ambassador deal, Vision Artists and Carl Barât (case study F) and moves on to look specifically at money from commercial brands that is paid to artists and music companies in return for an association or partnership with the brand. Through the insights and expertise of sponsorship-brokers Ronnie Traynor, Natasha Kizzie and Wendy Smithers, it considers the various features of brand partnerships in music, offers tips for artists and music companies looking for sponsorship, complete with a branding glossary. It ends with a list of research resources available to improve your awareness of brand activity and the key agencies. | top

Sponsorship (BUY: £4.99) | Full Guide Details


This chapter explains what debt funding is in a business context, specifically looking at loans and the conditions likely to be applied by lenders. It describes some of the sources of lending that are available to businesses and looks at the process of applying for a loan. | top

Debt Finance (BUY: £4.99) | Full Guide Details
This chapter contains two case studies – Signature Brew (case study F) and RedGrape Records/Jake Morley (case study G) illustrating how seed investment works on a fairly small scale within a micro-business. It considers some of the principles and language of investment, before looking in detail at three different types of investor – venture capital, business angels and investors from your own network – with insights from key investment companies including Ingenious Media and Edge Investments. It concludes with a list of relevant investment companies. | top

Investment (BUY: £4.99) |  Full Guide Details

Remi Harris, Music Industry Consultant | @remimcharris

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