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Andy Inglis – MusicTank

Andy Inglis


Andy’s key consultant interests include: customer services offerings and tour management

Andy works in Customer Service within the music industry. As an Artist Manager, Tour Manager, Venue Owner/Operator, Festival Booker and Lecturer, those he serves are his priority. Whether pushing an album, festival line-up, show ticket or t-shirt, he believes that we need to consider the needs of our artists and audiences, who’ve either directly or indirectly engaged our services, and deliver beyond their expectations.

The internet and low-cost airlines have thrust our businesses into a global marketplace. Festival goers can choose Coachella and Primavera over the event on their doorstep, and those considering seeing a show tonight have myriad other options that didn’t exist just ten years ago, thanks to social media, AV streaming services, and high speed internet. Similarly, venues must consider how to rise above their peers in an increasingly unstable economic and legislative world.

Andy’s career began in 1990 when the dance scene kicked off in Scotland, DJing and running raves around the country.  He started managing bands, set up small electronic labels, and jumped off Metallica’s tour bus roof in 1991 like an idiot, breaking his ankle.  He moved to London in 1997, continued to manage bands, run small electronic labels, and became The Fly magazine’s Live and Regional editor, a role he held for 14 years.

After a spell running the customer service department of an online music retailer, he co-founded a live music venue in London – The Luminaire – which won London Venue of The Year and UK Venue of The Year in ITS first two years.  He booked Norway’s biggest and oldest music festival (right before it was declared bankrupt) and has spent two years travelling the world with Savages as their tour manager.

He now manages and tour manages the Mercury Prize-nominated artist East India Youth, and lectures and consults around the UK and mainland Europe.

Andy previously delivered MusicTank’s successful live course, Get Plugged In: Live Music, Promotion and Venue Management in London, Cardiff and Gateshead and now runs MusicTank’s very well-reviewed Tour Management Course.