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Sally Gross – MusicTank

Sally Gross

Associate & Researcher

Sally’s research interests include: mental health issues in the music industry; gender inequality and diversity; music development theory (A&R); labour relations; copyright law – how its development impacts on the creative processes.

Sally Gross is the Program Director, MA Music Business Management at the University of Westminster.  She started her career in the music industry as a music manager in 1990 and over the course of two decades has been involved with 5 acts (either as a manager or a record company director) that have each sold over a million records: Adamski, Rollo and Rob D (who are responsible for Dido), Urban Cookie Collective, William Orbit, Gotan Project and now One Direction with the song Little Things, penned by her client Fiona Bevan.

In 2000, she won the Helena Kennedy Award for Outstanding Legal Criticism whilst studying law at Birkbeck University, after which she spent a couple of years working in entertainment law.  She has been involved with all aspects of the music industry from raves in the French Alps to sold out shows at Hollywood Bowl to Sydney Opera House.

Sally continues to work as international business affairs manager for Ya Basta Records and Science et Melodie Publishing in Paris, home of Gotan Project and producer and DJ Philippe Cohen Solal and is currently working on an album project about the world reknowned US outsider artist, Henry Darger. 

One of her key passions is gender inequality within the industry and she has been a central driving force for change over the years appearing at many conferences as a Women In Music Chair (conferences include: In The City; Salford University Conference; SOAS; Popakademie Baden-Württemberg).  More recently she has launched ‘women only’ music workshops – designed to encourage more women into the music tech environment. 

More recently, Sally’s research interests have moved towards mental health issues within the industry, which have seen her working closely with organisations including the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Help Musicians UK.