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Get Plugged In: Live Music, Promotion and Venue Management Course 2011

16th May 2011 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue: Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster

“…really good, thought provoking, straight talking course.  Andy was great at leading it, and it felt well planned out and thought through.” – METTE JOHNSEN
“A very enjoyable course.  A great mix of information, frank discussion, humour and profanity.  A pint down the pub afterwards was also a great way to network and have a general chat about the course.  Monday nights will never be the same again!” – ANDY KNIGHT, RGS Entertainment
“A well run course with useful insights into the industry within live music, promotion and venue management.” – WAYNE YARDLEY, Creative Sound

Andy Inglis:  “I have 21 years experience in the music industry and co-founding and running The Luminaire has been, by turns, a hugely rewarding and massively frustrating experience.  If I can’t illuminate the mistakes I made and stop others from making them, then what the hell.  At least I got to hang out with Wanda Jackson.”



Targeting tour managers, promoters, booking agents, marketers, DIY artists and small-to-medium sized venue owners and operators, this innovative 6-part course will provide all with a thorough grounding in the business of live music.  Today’s best practice will be considered in an open forum, and strategies explored for improving attendances and revenues. Bringing industry context and real world experience to bear on a range of key topics, Luminaire co-founder Andy Inglis (with occasional industry guests including we:Live and The Boileroom founder, Dominique Czopor) will encourage all to look at live’s continually evolving ecosystem, provide pointers for best practice, compare and contrast the UK and European markets, and help inform, encourage and inspire a new wave of live industry entrepreneur.

With Live music becoming increasingly the most important part of the music business, this course is a timely opportunity to learn about ‘doing it live’ from the ground up.” Keith Harris, MusicTank Chairman

“This course has been designed to deliver the structure and content necessary for productive debate and strategic insight. We are proud to be associated with Andy Inglis and have the privilege of his professional experience in its design and delivery.” Alan Fisher, Head of Department Music and Fashion, University of Westminster

All sessions start promptly and run from 18.00 – 21.00 hrs and include a short break. Registration from 17.45 hrsUnable to attend the series?

Contact the office for individual session prices.Part 6 will scope the future of live and is particularly suited to individual attendance.

Why not buy annual membership (membership benefits here) for £45, reducing the course price to £150, saving £19 on the full price of £199?



1. Mon 4th Apr – The Lie Of The Land: Sector Overview

From 150 capacity rooms like The Windmill in Brixton, to 20,000 cap. arenas, we’ll examine both the common issues (marketing and promotion, how to turn a profit, customer service) and the unique issues they face (how to keep the regular bar punters happy while there’s a Japanese noisecore band playing in the corner, in the case of The Windmill).  This introductory session will also consider the changing nature of the audience in a world where attention spans are shortening, where technology makes it easier to never leave the house, and how venues adapt to cope and survive in the teeth of the worst recession in decades.

2. Mon 11th Apr – Selling The Gig: Marketing & Promotion

From promoting the break-even-backroom gig all the way to the arenas we’ll consider the full cross section of marketing methods available.  From press ads, flyers and posters to mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter and street teams we’ll establish what works, what doesn’t and what’s best value for money.  What tricks can be learned from the likes of Live Nation and Kilimanjaro and what do the cream of indie gig promoters keep up their sleeve?

Session speaker: Robin Allport (Club AC30)

3. Mon 18th Apr – Selling The Gig: Ticketing

From the likes of Ticketmaster and WeGotTickets to sexy new direct to fan companies snapping at their heels, we’ll look at booking and administration fees, kickbacks, paperless tickets, entry systems, fraud and what new technology has in store for the future of ticketing.   For those with sell out gigs on their hands we’ll also consider the new front opened by a contentious secondary ticketing market jostling for a slice of the pie. Session speakers: Dave Newton (We Got Tickets); Sofia Hagberg (End Of The Road Festival)

4. Mon 09th May – Compliance

Venue owners and promoters face a slew of legislation top-down; from the Licensing Act (seldom out of the news) to the a burgeoning raft of health and safety legislation, noise abatement issues, security and temporary event notices…How does this affect the day-to-day of the live sector, who exactly is responsible for what and how is this legislation best managed? This session will be led by Dominique Czopor (The Boileroom, Guildford)

5. Mon 16th May – Learning By Example – UK & Overseas Case Studies

The Luminaire…from award-winning venue to shut-down in under six years.  A thorough examination of why it was opened, how it tried to be different, how it was received by the audience, artists and industry, what went right and what went wrong, from one of the people who built and managed it.  For an international perspective, we’ll look at other markets covering mainland Europe, how things differ to the UK and how to build a European tour.  We’ll also take a look at that super-rich anomaly of Norway – the world’s third largest oil exporter, pumping tens of millions of pounds into culture a year.

6. Mon 23rd May – What happens next?

With recording income slowly dying, will gig income be able to support new artists and impresarios, let alone the wider business?   What role do festivals play, how much do they really pay and can they be used by artists to fund their rest-of-year activities?  Rounding off the course with a debate, four experts from opposing corners of the business will discuss issues such as the power play between promoters and booking agents and gig exclusivity in the round, delivering a considered prognosis for tomorrow’s live industry. Session speakers: Andy Duggan (Primary Talent); Sally Gross (University of Westminster); Howard Monk (The Local);  Paul Hutton (Metropolis Music); David Philips (Koko).



This course is intended to encourage and inspire a new wave of live industry entrepreneur AND those at the coalface looking to enhance and further grow their businesses.  Core participants: tour managers, promoters, booking agents, marketers, DIY artists, small-to-medium sized venue owners and operators.

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