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Is Technology The New Beatles?

16th September 2014 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue: Fyvie Hall, University of Westminster

Credits: Innovation Arts

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EVENT DETAILS:  Music and technology have been uncomfortable bedfellows for the last twenty years. It has felt too often like the digital dark ages in which technology just did not respect simple facts of musical life like copyright and intellectual property.  Music for its part rarely seemed to understand the viral social power of open software and network effects. Today, much of that friction is behind us.  Together, the newest, most exciting music companies are creating a united vision of a digital renaissance in which the fusion of music with technology is harmonious, elaborate and productive.  It’s as if music and technology are renewing their marriage vows. Taking its title from an inspired quote from musician and innovator, Kevin Godley, this session will present a vision of technology’s engagement with music and shed light on what new technology fused with music is bringing to the industry. DON’T MISS: Rich graphical summaries of the event here!

“A chance conversation with Kevin Godley, in which he came up with the phrase “technology is the new Beatles”, has led to the idea of exploring whether technology has the ability to inject the same kind of new vitality into a flagging record industry as The Beatles did to the business in the early sixties. We intend to explore the idea of whether the much maligned march of technology can in fact be the major industry driver over the next couple of years.” Keith Harris

The Beatles’ impact on the evolution of pop music can’t be overstated, the band were an incredible catalyst to the early sixties pop music scene that catapulted them to the very centre of the sixties’ social and cultural revolution – and left music changed for ever.  Today as the music industry is seemingly beginning to recover from the lows of recent years, could it be that a totally different kind of catalyst is renewing and revitalising the music business in the form of  digital and internet technologies? Presenting a range of companies working on next-generation technological and musical innovations, this event will consider the optimistic future of music from its creation, performance, distribution and consumption through to fan interaction and crowd experiences. Based on these new  forward-thinking, mind-blowing examples, a panel discussion will explore what the future marriage of tech and music will look like – and what kind of children they might be expected to produce. Which are the most positive trends and where are the biggest challenges?  What forms of creativity will technology unleash for artists and bands and fans?  And what are the implications for markets and businesses? Author and entrepreneur, Jeremy Silver, will offer some introductory thoughts and introduce the following companies who’ll each make a presentation, after which, a panel of invited guests will explore the implications of what they have seen… ROLI is making new musical instruments with a new philosophy – addressing head on the relationship between the player and the instrument. A design-led technology start-up based in Dalston, London, founded in 2009 by Roland Lamb, ROLI make hardware and software products and services designed to increase the bandwidth of interaction between people and technology.  Its Seaboard Grand is a new musical instrument, described as “the piano of the future” (CNN),  “influential, innovative, and inspiring” and “ingenious” (Telegraph), and “inspiring” by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer.  Having won first prize in the 2013 SXSW Music Accelerator in Austin, Texas,  ROLI’S Seaboard recently won the Design Museum’s Product Design of the Year award, 2014. Immersive Album is a content delivery format, providing the most captivating platform for experiencing audio, art & design.  Immersive was formed in 2012 to enable and encourage artists and content creators to engage with their audiences by developing immersive, rewarding, interactive experiences that present & enhance their content in the best way possible.  Immersive have made it easy to create, distribute and track brilliant content – without high costs and hassle.  Its technology and platform enables anyone to create digital content packages called Immersive Albums, which provides experiences that create real, measurable, engagement and can be used on phones, tablets, PCs and even VR headsets. Sofar Sounds curates secret, intimate gigs in unusual spaces – often in living rooms around the world.  They spotlight amazing emerging artists, introducing them to new and passionate fans through a unique concert experience, leveraging the power of social media.  A cutting-edge music company and worldwide promoter of new bands recently described by the Guardian as “a quiet revolution” and New York Magazine as “one of the top new brands in America”. nu desine has developed a handheld instrument – AlphaSphere – representing a new paradigm in electronic music production which sees producers moving away from computers and towards hardware controllers. Musion has a long history of working with world renowned recording artists stretching back to Madonna and the Gorillaz for the 2006 Grammy Awards.   It has continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in 3D holographic projection, famously digitally resurrected the deceased rapper Tupac, sparking 15million You Tube views in 48 hours.  They also helped Mariah Carey perform in five European cities at once, Janelle Monae and rapper M.I.A. to duet live despite being 3,000 miles apart and enabled J-LO and Ricky Martin to perform at the Premios Juventud when their schedules prevented it. Who is this event for?

  • artists, producers and managers seeking to exploit new platforms for writing, production, realisation and performance
  • promoters and those responsible for the curation, promotion and production of innovative new live performance opportunities…
  • publishers, labels and intermediaries responsible for creating and distributing digital content
  • digital innovators and tech developers

About our sponsor Innovation Arts is a design-led consultancy.  They help people to think differently, visualise their ideas, design their own solutions, decide how to move forward and engage and inspire others to move with them.  If you need to change your organisation’s strategic direction, or plan a programme of work, or engage your employees with an organisational change, Innovation Arts has a proven track record in helping clients get where they need to be.  They’re a unique and refreshing blend of strategic advice, talented people and creativity. DELEGATES INCLUDED: Universal; Royal Academy of Music; Clintons Solicitors; APRS; University of Nottingham; Do It Together; VLT Legal Services Ltd; Cherry Red Records; visible noise; Carboni Media; LSO Live; Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies; factor-m; Young Guns UK; Key Production; Pitmans LLP; Music Business School London Ltd; TJChambers Consultancy; Bray & Krais Solicitors; Michael Simkins LLP; Metable; Ace Records Ltd; Sound and Music; Prager and Fenton LLP; Spinnaker London; Julie’s Bicycle; Consigliari; City University London; Help Musicians UK; PPL; 7digital; BASCA; BPI; FAC; AIM; University of CambridgeWaterfront Solicitors; MassiveMusic; Believe DigitalPRETTYGREEN; The Institute of Contemporary Music PerformanceBoosey & Hawkes; Baker Tilly; Jenkins; Playgroup Live; Niall Kelly Music; ZygoNet; Sound and Music; Sam South ; Valley Music; Ministry of Sound; Sound Advice (Legal) LLP; A-Bomb Ltd; YouTube; Oregan Networks and more…

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