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The Brave New World of Location-Based, App-Driven & Immersive Marketing

9th November 2010 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue: PRS for Music

“This was the first MusicTank event I’ve attended but it certainly won’t be my last!  Well worth the trip from Newcastle so many thanks to yourself and the team. Keep up the sterling work. – COOPER HANDLEY, COOPSTA.TV
“Thanks for such a thought-provoking event…it was great in confirming some of my thoughts, and inspiring lots of new ones, and I made a couple of great new contacts. I got loads out of it…it fired my thinking” – JULIA PAYNE, Director, The Hub

TOPIC: All around us, companies of all stripes, from Nokia to Diesel, are utilising innovative new marketing tactics to promote themselves, often incorporating bands and music to make their brand seem more attractive.  Meanwhile record labels seem reluctant or appear unable to use these same methods to promote the bands themselves as the end product.  Where has the innovation gone? This think tank will create a positive environment in which all current technological innovations and trends, from social media, mobile apps, augmented reality, location-based games and hardware developments will be discussed and their positive application to the music industry debated. So we’ll hear from experts in these fields and learn how they have used these new technologies to further the causes of brands they work with  How do they keep up-to-date with latest developments?  And how can we apply what works for cars and vodka brands to our labels and bands? What will ‘always on’ tablets and mobiles mean for entertainment companies?  How can augmented reality be used to promote a new music? Can we take advantage of new sites like Foursquare to promote our tours?  What in an ideal world do we want to achieve and how can we use the new technology available to get us there? This is Year Zero – let’s start leading the discussion and shaping new developments rather than waiting for it to develop in ways that do damage to our business.

FORMAT: This think tank will provide a forum for those within the music industry to debate and discuss their own ideas, have them listened to by leading technology experts and come away from the session with a bag full of new ideas. In a slight change to our normal think tank format, following a keynote, we will hear case studies of technological innovation, some of which will be from sectors outside the music industry – e.g. location-based gaming.  Presented by leading-edge companies, it’s intended to inform and inspire breakout groups which will follow, each to be led by one of these experts.  The results of these brainstorm round tables will be fed back to the room. It is hoped this may inspire fresh thinking and that those present may learn from other sectors that have successfully deployed cutting edge technologies to drive products and engage markets.  Q&A with the panel will follow  a mid-evening break.


Let’s not beat around the bush.  Faced with enormous challenges over the last decade the music business has often been slow to adapt, slow to evolve and slow to innovate.  Unfortunately the rest of the world has been adapting, evolving and innovating at an unprecedented rate, leaving the recordings sector in particular struggling in its wake.

That’s done and dusted, old news, spilt milk.  There’s a brave new world out there and if we just continue to play catch up we will always end up with situations where the new technology continues to have a (negative) disruptive effect upon our business.

Yes album sales are down, but we can’t keep on blaming everything on ‘piracy’ as that just gives the lie to the idea that if we can somehow eliminate filesharing (which might never happen), we will once again be in the pink.  We need to take stock of where technology has taken us and where it’s likely to go and develop ideas, push concepts and seize the initiative.

This season’s think tank series ‘Year Zero’ – has been put together with exactly that in mind.  While not every event will be technology-based, the focus will be on encouraging innovation across the board and consider how developing technologies impact the business to our advantage.

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