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COMING SOON! Unlocking The Sync is an ethical ‘how-to’ navigation of the music licensing and brand partnership world.

Written by Kier Wiater Carnihan of Record-Play (a music consultancy that counts adidas and Google among its clients), alongside award-winning music industry journalist Dr. Eamonn Forde, this book is set to become the defining text containing leading insight into the worlds of music, synchronisation and brands.

Author/s: Kier Wiater Carnihan & Dr. Eamonn Forde, 2017

Due to publish late summer/ early autumn 2017, register your interest in this free publication, here.

With contributions from artists, publishers, music supervisors and more, Unlocking The Sync offers those on both sides of licensing deals an insight into what ‘the other half’ are thinking.

Presented in a clear, informal style and packed with checklists, case studies and anecdotes, Unlocking The Sync reveals some of the best practices and worst horror stories of recent years, explaining what makes a successful, authentic brand-artist partnership, and recalling some cringe-worthy ones. It details how sync can be approached in a mutually beneficial way and challenges the loose, policy-free use of music that often presides today.