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The Road To Tour Management: 1-Day Course, 2016 – MusicTank

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The Road To Tour Management: 1-Day Course, 2016


Andy Inglis focuses on one of the most interesting, pertinent and specialised areas: Tour Management.


Interested in the 26 pages of course notes provided as part of this course? Purchase in the link above. COURSE OVERVIEW Andy Inglis returned to deconstruct the live industry, focusing on one of the most interesting, pertinent and specialised areas: Tour Management. As a role that people fall into without any experience, like artist management (which explains why there are so many bad tour and artist managers) this more than most is a vocation that needs someone with the right characteristics. But since most bands never reach the point of being able to afford one, it’s often left to the manager, or the least badly-organised member of the band to book the van, arrange the accommodation, and take care of getting paid each night.  And since every band needs a different kind of parenting, there’s no one right way to tour manage. The skills needed are eminently scalable, though as you move up the venue ladder, there’s more equipment and people to move around increasingly far-flung countries, which means more ways to screw things up.  Like booking a set of flights to Berlin, forgetting you did it, and booking them again a week later.  Or flying the band into Manchester for a festival on the wrong day, both of which Andy managed to do.

Whether you want to be a TM, or you’re the manager assuming those responsibilities, or simply the only member of the band who’s got decent WiFi and can liaise with the promoters (!) this one-day course will prepare you for the all the things you hadn’t thought of, and set you straight about all the things you had.

Accounting, advancing, merchandising, sound engineering, driving, and whether or not to declare all the merch you’ve stuffed into the guitar cases on your US customs declaration: we’ll lay bare what’s needed to bring the band home in one piece, both physically and psychologically, and let you decide if you’re fit for purpose, before you get 50 miles from Chicago and realise you’ve left the drum kit in Toronto. We’ll show you what to expect in venues and festivals in the UK and abroad, and how crossing a border from the UK to France can entirely alter the complexion and outcome of your tour. We’ll suggest you check in for your flight when you’re on site at the festival in The Netherlands before you head back to your hotel (the hotel WiFI will be horrendous, the festival will have 90 Mbps download speeds), and let you know which countries merchandise customers will drive you crazy with their haggling. Will you become the band’s driver, accountant, merch-seller, production manager or psychologist?  Or all five? WHAT TO EXPECT: IMG_8747_1024.jpegTutored by Andy Inglis, this course is designed as a much-needed best-practice roadmap for tour management, drawing on Inglis’ two decades of experience in the live sector as tour manager (most recently Savages), artist manager (2014 Mercury Music Prize-nominated East India Youth) and respected co-creator and manager of London venue, The Luminaire. More on Andy here. This day-long course will start promptly at 10.00 hrs and end at 18.00 hrs – please arrive in time to register (09.30 hrs).  Light refreshments will be provided, but lunch is on you, for which you will have one hour to forage for food in the heart of London’s West End.   IS THIS FOR YOU? This course is open to anyone working in the live sector, in particular:

  • those contemplating a career as tour manager
  • artists, musicians and bands needing to take on tour management responsibilities OR wanting the knowledge to successfully appoint a tour manager
  • artist managers similarly taking on this additional role OR looking to further their knowedge in order to take on a tour manager

  COURSE OVERVIEW Delivered with animated slides in a lively, engaging style, encouraging an atmosphere for debate, discussion and input from those in attendance, the lecture lasts a full day.

  • What Does A Tour Manager Do?
  • A List Of Things A Tour Manager (Tm) Does
  • Booking Agents
  • Routing
  • Vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Budgets
  • Advancing And The Tour Book
  • What Goes In The Tour Book?
  • Riders
  • Luggage Tags
  • Pds And Receipts & Cash
  • Van Tips
  • Merchandise
  • Promo
  • Sponsorship
  • Before Doors Open
  • The Guest List
  • Getting Paid / Doing The Settlement
  • Idiot Check
  • Accounts
  • Production Office And General Tools Of Your Trade
  • What Will The Band Expect From You?
  • Final Advice

  Interested in the 26 pages of course notes, including the above? Purchase here