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Unlocking The Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands – MusicTank

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Unlocking The Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands

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An ethical ‘how-to’ navigation of the music licensing and brand partnerships and packed with information and links to resources, this book is set to become the defining text containing leading insight into the worlds of music, synchronisation and brands.

Author/s: Kier Wiater Carnihan & Dr. Eamonn Forde, 2017

With many fascinating interviews and true stories from artists and experts from across the sync landscape ‘Unlocking the Sync’ makes for both a very entertaining read and a pragmatic look at many of the important considerations for those launching themselves into sync licensing for the first time.  This is a sync licensing mentor in book form for the uninitiated; and even those experienced in the world of sync should find new insights.  Paul Pacifico, CEO, AIM

Unique in its approach, Unlocking the Sync is a publication of two halves, written for two different audiences: independent music makers and corporate music users. With contributions from artists, publishers, record labels, music supervisors, brand managers and more, it offers those on both sides of licensing deals an insight into the worlds of music and brands, and what ‘the other half’ are thinking.

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This plain-speaking guide is presented in a clear, informal style and packed with interviews, case studies, anecdotes, and checklists. Extensively researched and packed with a wealth of information, its accessible style is intended to demystify and open up the world of synchronisation.

It reveals some of the best practices and worst horror stories of recent years, explaining what makes a successful, authentic brand-artist partnership, and recalling some cringe-worthy ones. It details how sync can be approached in a mutually beneficial way and challenges the loose, policy-free use of music that often presides today.

  • Featured Interviews with Sergio Pimentel (Ninja Tune); music supervisors Thomas Golubić (Six Feet Under, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) and Andrea Madden (Made in Chelsea); artist FEMME; Arun Sethi and Joanna Gregory (Cavendish Music); Emma Lomas (Beggars Group); Alex Lavery (Pitch & Sync).
  • Case Studies: Red Bull, Converse, Mountain Dew and adidas

Written by Kier Wiater Carnihan of Record-Play (an award-winning music consultancy that counts adidas and Google among its clients), alongside renowned music industry journalist Eamonn Forde, this guide is set to become the defining text on the subject of sync.


The economics of the entire music business continue to shift and render the 80s dream of ‘getting a major record deal’ a less obviously rewarding or relevant vision to hold on to. Understanding the potentially lucrative area of sync and all its complexities should be part of the basic toolkit for any serious independent artist.  Jack Horner, Joiner of Dots/ Founder, FRUKT


An enormous amount of time has gone into the preparation and production of this publication, which has been extensively researched.  Chapters contain Key Points summaries, and there are six Interviews and four Case Studies. There’s also a wealth of additional information contained in Footnotes that further expands on points made, and embedded URLS link to referenced, externally hosted third party content.

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