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Future Thinking – MusicTank

Future Thinking

Future Thinking is a strand of activity driven by the foresight and critical thinking of outstanding post graduate MA Music Business Management students at University of Westminster.

Topics covered under this strand of activity are driven by the students themselves – usually the focus of their MA thesis, the publication of which is typically followed by the presentation of their paper at a moderated industry panel discussion.

Papers published under Future Thinking have been selected as exemplars of their cohort, typically demonstrating originality, well-reasoned argument and thorough research.  As such, they are intended to start a conversation about an issue, not present definitive solutions.  A MusicTank Business and Innovation Award is presented to each thesis winner.

Diversity Management In The UK Music Industry

Author/s: Tamara Witt

This redacted paper, summarises the extent and range of felt discriminations across the UK music industry and raises awareness of unfair practices in the expectation that the industry significantly improve its record on diversity

Private Copying of Music

Author/s: Samuel Rudy

Sam Rudy’s MA Music Business Management Project report argues for an immediate EU wide statutory introduction of an improved blank tape levy. He proposes an evolution of the concept of private copying and in doing so suggests that this new levy could provide urgently needed remuneration to music rights holders.

Moneyballing Music

Author/s: Prithwijit Mukerji

Prithwijit’s MA Music Business Management Project paper is an empirical study of the use of social media Big Data to better anticipate consumers’ tastes and better inform A&R processes and decision-making.