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Where possible, we aim to increasingly communicate through visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles in recognition of different learning styles to assist with unravelling difficult, complex  topics into more digestible formats. 

As part of this, we’ve started to introduce more visual elements to our work through videos, our report formatting, and more recently, through rich graphical summaries of our think tank debates…

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Creators’ Rights In The Digital Landscape

This think tank considered the pressing issue of creators’ rights and remuneration in the digital landscape.

Private Copy Exemption: Rightsholders And Remuneration

This event centered the discussion on a bold and imaginative solution regarding rightsholder compensation.

Moneyballing Music: Big Data, Consumers And A&R

This think tank considered this issues of how the recorded music industry is currently collecting and using data to support a historically subjective process of signing new artists.

Is Technology The New Beatles?

This debate presented a vision of technology’s engagement with music and shed light on what new technology fused with music is bringing to the industry