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A Price For Music

30 Jun 2009

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Officially launched at Musexpo’s recent London conference (30.06.09), A Price for Music Model is an online tool which strives to enable artists and music rights holders predict the outcome of different strategies for tackling digital piracy on the music industry’s revenue fortunes to generate industry debate on how best to tackle copyright infringement.

This pdf file succinctly summarises the current state of play regarding the music industry’s and others’ attempts to stem the tide of illegal file-sharing, before going on to explain how to use a new, free-to-use online tool.

Developed by Detica in conjunction with SoundExchange, this model allows users to explore scenarios by inputting their own business variables and generating easy-to-understand graphs and charts projecting revenue over time.  The level of detail the model provides and the ease with which the user can view scenarios, allows complex issues like substitution and simulation to be viewed in a meaningful and practical way.

Its objective is to stimulate debate by providing stakeholders and commentators with the ability to estimate the financial impact that different services may have on music industry revenues over time.  It’s core purpose is to demonstrate to music industry stakeholders that ISP-based services offer a viable business model for maintaining and growing revenues, based on analysis of consumers’ historic music consumption patterns.