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BPI: Music’s Smart Future – How Will AI Impact The Music Industry? – MusicTank

BPI: Music's Smart Future - How Will AI Impact The Music Industry?

24 Nov 2016

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2016 has witnessed a swell of investment and experimentation around AI and machine learning, with a big upswing in new tech-start-ups eager to redefine how we live our lives. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology may conjure up visions of robots or sci-fi film Blade Runner, but in 2016 it has huge potential for the music industry.  We are entering an era where humans – from artists and songwriters through to A&Rs and digital marketers in labels – will be complemented by AI in various forms, from algorithmic composition tools to hyper personalised playlists and messaging chatbots.  This report explores the key trends and why they matter for labels.

This report explores how AI is touching every facet of the music industry through four main areas: 

  • The evolution of AI in music
  • Humans and algorithms fuel smarter music recommendations
  • Chatbots find a place in the music industry
  • Smart voice assistants from the big tech titans

It explores developments in AI-driven music composition on Flow Machines software including how the technology was used to create a music video for Brian Eno’s song The Ship; and Symphonologie, which uses AI to help create a symphony to be played by a human orchestra.

Streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer utilise AI to analyse users’ behaviour and to understand the relationship between songs. Record label A&R and marketing teams are also using ‘big data’ analytics to predict consumer reactions and shape their campaigns.


Music Ally, Publ. BPI, Nov. 2016