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Capgemini Report: Working and Making Money in the Digital World – MusicTank

Capgemini Report: Working and Making Money in the Digital World

01 Feb 2010

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Media companies are facing ongoing declines to their traditional revenue streams, while struggling to replace these losses with new digital revenues.  There is no silver bullet to stop this disruption caused by the impact of digital and the rapidly changing demands of consumers who themselves have more control than ever before.

Rather, media companies must face an inevitable transformation of their business models and fundamental operations.  The questions any business asks — What do we do? How do we do it? What value do we bring to our customers? How do our goods and services stand out among our competitors? — need to be answered again, in new ways.

As consumers desire any content, anyplace, on any device, the traditional barriers between the “box” (TV, computer, phone), the pipes (broadcasts, stores, physical delivery), and the product (video, music, movies, games) are breaking down.

In this “everything’s connected” world, new capabilities are called for.  In some companies, operational activities will become strategic. Others will leverage “old” capabilities into new value propositions.

Capgemini is helping define, shape and implement new business models for media companies. Its extensive experience with pioneering media and entertainment companies, along with a disciplined methodology, position Capgemini as a leader in Digital Content Services.

This point-of-view presents a forward-thinking perspective on the challenges – and opportunities – in today’s media and entertainment industry.

The report covers:

  • Digital Media Management

What does it mean to be efficient in a digital marketplace? How does digital content management impact or work with the physical supply chain?

  • Intellectual Property Management

How can digital content be protected? How can a company manage rights, enforce compliance among supply chain participants, and calculate and process royalties?

  • Customer Experience Management

How do we provide targeted data and services, across multiple devices, using real-time, collaborative methods? What processes, infrastructure, and metrics are needed?

  • Digital Monetisation

Can a media company make money when content is available and cheap?

  • Digital Insights

How can data be leveraged for better decision-making about every part of the business?

  • A Fundamental Transformation

What operating model would execute the right digital strategy? What processes, metrics, roles and responsibilities, and governance need to be in place?