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Detica’s MusicTank Presentation – MusicTank

Detica's MusicTank Presentation

02 Dec 2008

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Detica is a business and technology consultancy specialising in helping clients collect, manage and exploit information to reveal actionable intelligence.  The company focuses on identifying and overcoming those who threaten the safety of the public, the security of the state or seek to commit serious and organised crime.  It also use its skills to assist clients with other information-intensive problems such as achieving regulatory compliance and understanding customer behaviour.

This presentation asserts that ISPs have an opportunity to break the cycle of declining revenues offered by digital music and suggests a set of models for future digital music sales in the UK.  While underlining the need for copyright enforcement it suggest that this should be complemented with ISP network measurement capabilities in order to understand how new distribution models might add value and legitimise exisiting peer-to-peer behaviour.