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IFPI: Connecting With Music – Consumer Insight Report 2017 – MusicTank

IFPI: Connecting With Music - Consumer Insight Report 2017

24 Sep 2017

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This report provides a snapshot of how fans around the world are connecting with recorded music.  The nature of this engagement continues to grow and evolve, reflecting the enormously rich and exciting opportunities today’s fans have to listen to music in multiple ways, whenever and wherever they wish to do so.
Streaming continues to be embraced by music fans around the world who are increasingly engaged with these on-demand licensed digital services.  We also see fans accessing music in multiple formats, with this varying across countries and cultures.
This report also provides a window into the challenges facing today’s global music community.  Research on video streaming and the dominance of YouTube is instructive for the ongoing debate on the Value Gap.  User upload services, such as YouTube, are heavily used by music consumers and yet do not return fair value to those who are investing in and creating the music.
The Value Gap remains the single biggest threat facing the music world today and we are campaigning for a legislative solution.
Furthermore, the report also highlights the challenge of the availability of unlicensed music.  Copyright infringement is still growing and evolving, with stream ripping the dominant method. The industry is taking action against these sites and fighting for the rights of those creating music. With the wealth of licensed music available to fans, these types of illegal sites have no justifiable place in the music world.
As the recorded music industry grows and adapts, fans around the world are listening to and engaging with music in many exciting ways.  Record companies understand that at the heart of this engagement is great music – something they continue to believe in, invest in, develop and fight to protect.


Publ. September 2017