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Manifesto For The Night Time Economy – Philip Kolvin – MusicTank

Manifesto For The Night Time Economy - Philip Kolvin

23 May 2016

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At the heart of every great town or city is a great night time economy.

The NTE is worth £66 billion to the UK economy. It provides jobs for over 1.3 million people.

But its benefits go far wider.

Cities are among the finest achievements of humankind: they are highly evolved and complex spaces in which people live, work and play. But take away one element, and no city is worthy of the name.

The leisure economy is a big part of the reason why people move to cities, including workers and students.

It is fundamental to the tourist draw of the UK. It is the inspiration and foundation for much of our creative industries – fashion, music, media and performance.

It is the driver for supply chains of vital importance to local economies including food and beverage, transportation, retail and security.

As shopping progressively moves online, it is fundamental to the vitality and viability of our high streets. Without it, many of our city centre streets would be lonely and dangerous places at night. Without it, many streets would enter spirals of decline.

Most importantly, the leisure economy is where, after the stresses of ever longer working days, we meet, eat, socialise, drink, dance, learn, laugh, fall in love, celebrate, and behave as we were born to behave, as social animals.

But night time economies are like gardens. They need to be planned and tended. Otherwise they may grow wild or even decay.

This manifesto lays down some simple messages for the development of vibrant, sustainable night time economies.

To support or comment on the Manifesto follow #NTEManifesto