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MCPS Economic Insight 12: Shadow Pricing P2P’s Economic Impact – MusicTank

MCPS Economic Insight 12: Shadow Pricing P2P’s Economic Impact

30 Oct 2008

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On the eve of the deadline for submissions to BERR’s P2P consultation [30.10.08], and more than a decade after file-sharing applications appeared on networks, the supply chain engaging network providers, technology developers and musical copyright owners remains broken, with few signs of self-healing.
Here, three authors representing the three disparate camps decided to ‘knock heads together’ to encourage the parties involved to knock heads as well and co-produce a solution that might satisfy all corners.

The authors converged upon the “Coase Theorem,” a now classic economic approach for considering market problems muddled with reciprocal impacts, for which Coase would later receive a Nobel Prize. What follows provides the reader with an economic framework, contextualising both the problem and the solution as a catalyst for commercial discussions.

Reproduced by kind permission of the MCPS-PRS Alliance, 2008.

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