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Sounds Like Branding

03 Nov 2017

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Music branding is a rising star in the marketing arena.

The last few years have brought a surge of music initiatives from brands worldwide, and it seems like brands are in love with music.  The Sounds Like Branding™ report is a study conducted by Heartbeats International, asking top brand managers to share their thoughts and insights on this newfound love affair.

The study was conceived to investigate and shed some light on where this affair is going.  The result is clear. This is a love affair that is here to stay, but one that runs the risk of ending in divorce.

The Sounds Like Branding™ study reveals a great discrepancy between how high brands rate music as a branding tool and the actual resources that are invested into it. Brands love music but have yet to invest time and resources into the strategic use of it.  Therefore they also run the risk of losing out on the rewards of using music in the right way.

The Sounds Like Branding™ study was conducted between May and December 2008.  It encompasses 70 responses from top global brands.