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Strategic Skills Assessment For The Creative Media Industries In The UK

17 Mar 2010

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Skillset has conducted a comprehensive UK-wide analysis of demand for skills in the Creative Media Industries and also for each UK nation. This Strategic Skills Assessment will inform and shape its priorities for the year ahead.

Skillset was invited by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) to provide evidence of the skills needs of the Creative Media Industries to inform an annual National Strategic Skills Audit that covers the UK’s entire economy.  All evidence has been submitted to Government.

The analysis follows systematic and regular consultation with the Creative Media Industries and the majority of data are taken directly from Skillset’s Research Programme and consultations with Skillset’s National Boards and Sectoral Skills Councils.

This research, launched 17.03.10, reveals gaping skills gaps and shortages in the rapidly changing media landscape and has identified the following:

  • It is predicted that the Creative Industries will grow at twice the rate of the rest of the economy – and creative media is pivotal to this. But Skillset’s Strategic Skills Assessment for the Creative Media Industries in the UKreport warns we must have the right people in place to make this reality;
  • One in two companies in the Creative Media Industries report skills gaps as we move out of Recession and look to the future;
  • Skillset’s report says there is an “oversupply” in many general creative media roles, but serious skills shortages in areas like digital technology and multiplatform capability, broadcast engineering, business and commercial know-how, visual effects and craft-orientated jobs.
  • Graduates now make up 73 per cent of the workforce, compared to 66 per cent in 2003. And more than half (53 per cent) of all degrees held are media related. Yet, overall, the proportion of people with relevant technical or vocational qualifications is low at seven per cent;
  • One in four employers say more training is needed in multiplatform content and new and digital technology. One in 10 argue that greater management and leadership skills are a priority, particularly to drive their business to take advantage of multiplatform opportunities.
  • Skillset research also reveals that one in two people in the creative media feel they need training. Yet nine in ten reported barriers and obstacles to getting this – including fees being too high (40 per cent) and employers being unwilling to pay for training (34 per cent).

Skillset has reported to Government in three ways:

1.  Analysis and recommendations for the Creative Media industries, highlighting:

  • Growth in demand for Creative Media skills and employment is predicted;
  • The industry is at risk of losing talent and skills;
  • Skills for multiplatform and to take advantage of opportunities presented by digital media are a major priority;
  • Skills to develop new business models and an approach to monetising content are needed;
  • Other major skills issues: Multi-skilling, Management and Leadership, broadcast engineering, archiving of content and visual effects;
  • Skillset research needs to continue to measure current and future skills demand to ensure a constant flow of evidence to inform priorities and decisions. This research is also fundamental to Skillset’s role as the voice of the industries on skills issues.  The information does not exist anywhere else.

2.  For the Creative Industries, Skillset has worked with Creative and Cultural Skills (CCS)

3.  For the Digital Economy, Skillset has worked jointly with e-Skills UK and Creative and Cultural Skills (CCS)