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The Australian Music Consumer Report 2016 – MusicTank

The Australian Music Consumer Report 2016

08 Sep 2016

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The global music industry has been going through a long and well documented transition. After a long period of decline the industry returned to growth in 2015, with global digital revenues overtaking physical revenues for the first time. The Australian market is currently ahead of the global curve, transitioning to a primarily digital market in 2013 and growing 5% in 2015.
This transition has seen a decline in both CD sales and digital downloads and strong growth in streaming, with revenue from subscription services growing at 101% in Australia in 2015 and making up 14% of overall sales (up from 7% in 2014).

As the transition to streaming continues, there are challenges to be addressed. The consumer offering, whilst fulfilling for many, has not yet proven itself to be a mass market proposition. For the services themselves, none are yet to turn a profit of their own accord, and for the all important artists, up-front financing through CD and MP3 sales is being replaced with drip-fed cash over a much longer period of time. Within the live music sector, we are seeing sustained growth in attendance of gigs and music festivals. Between 2008-2014 Australia saw a 42% increase in revenue from live performances and a 17% increase in attendance.
Looking at the festivals market, we have seen a shift away from the larger mass market festivals, to more boutique offerings that offer a lot more than just a musical experience. As the framework in which music is consumed evolves, the requirement to understand this evolution grows ever more important. Thanks to advances in technology we know more about music consumers than ever before, the challenge lies in understanding how to use that data in a meaningful way to generate new revenue streams for the industry.
In this report we analyse consumer trends related to the consumption and discovery of live and recorded music in Australia and provide a number of key takeaways for those in the music industry. In writing this report, Eventbrite partnered with Chris Carey and Felix Canetty- Clarke of Media Insight Consulting to ask consumers directly how they feel about music. This consumer research took place in Australia between 18-25th July 2016 and covered a nationally representative sample of 2,005 adults through online interviews.