The BBC Public Sector

The BBC – Public Sector Radio, Jazz Policy And Structure In The Digital Age

19 Jan 2010

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This illuminating report, presented by Professor Stuart Nicholson, and by Emma Kendon and Chris Hodgkins of Jazz Services, includes an examination of the disparity between jazz representation on the BBC’s public radio services and those elsewhere in Europe. It asks why British jazz exposure on the BBC should have declined so significantly in recent years, at a time when the skills, formal training, diversity and international status of UK jazz musicians has never been higher. It also asks why the Corporation does not appear to extend its public service remit to jazz in the way that its continental equivalents do, despite commitments to the broadest possible range of social and cultural diversity enshrined in the BBC charter. The report also proposes some ways forward, in the challenging context of a budding digital-radio environment potentially offering more channels and niche-audience resources than ever.