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The Deals Guide

10 Nov 2017

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For the last two years the Music Managers Forum has been educating the artist and management community about the inner workings of the streaming business through the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ project (Part 1 & Part 2).
This included the series of ‘Digital Dollar’ roundtables involving artists, songwriters, labels, publishers, lawyers, accountants and lots of artist managers.
One of the outcomes of those discussions was the consensus that artists and managers needed to be better informed about the various different kinds of label and distribution deals that are now available in the streaming age, and to have a fuller understanding of the pros and cons of each different approach.
That way managers will be better able to advise their artists on what deals best suit their objectives.  And, by having more options on the table, managers should be able to achieve better terms with key partners.
This Deals Guide seeks to do just that by identifying, assessing and explaining ten key deal types.
Publ. October 2017