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The Future of Concert Technology – MusicTank

The Future of Concert Technology

02 Nov 2017

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Live music technology is getting smarter — are you?

Technology is changing the live music industry.  If you don’t adapt with it, you’ll be left behind.  Promoters and venues are struggling to make a profit on each show thanks to high artist fees and small marketing budgets. 

Employees are frustrated with their current technology; they’re keeping track of info across different systems, and they’re wasting
time on repetitive tasks.  And while the technology may exist to help with these challenges, deciding which tech is worth your time and money is a challenge all its own.

Despite these uncertainties, one fact remains certain: those who stay ahead of the curve have a huge opportunity to impress fans, simplify their work, and increase profit.  So, how can you get smarter about how you use technology to produce and promote live shows?

To find out, Eventbrite interviewed 20 music and technology leaders who are on the cutting edge of concert technology. We also surveyed nearly 50 live music venues about their top challenges, and how they’re using technology to solve them.

Here’s how music industry tastemakers predict technology will change the business — and which tech they say is worth your investment now.