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The Sound of Productivity: Analysing attitudes towards music listening in the workplace

27 Dec 2016

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This psychology-led report from totaljobs, finds there is a link between music, mental well-being, and productivity.


Key findings include:


  • 79% of people would benefit from listening to music at work
  • 59% of employees say listening to music at work improves their mental well-being, and overall mood
  • Worryingly, 38% of people are not allowed to listen to it
  • On average 26% of people have no control over the music they listen to at work (which can impact their well-being)


The Sound of Productivity report is based on data from 4,500+ responses collected from an interactive tool. It was created in collaboration with music psychologist Dr Anneli Haake, and music streaming service Deezer UK, and looked at the attitudes towards music at work, and whether it helped productivity.

The full data from ‘The Sound of Productivity’ can be found here:

If you’re lucky enough to listen to music at work, you can take the totaljobs music personality quiz, which courtesy of music streaming service Deezer UK, creates a specially curated playlist to help get you through your 9-5.


totaljobs, Publ. Dec 2016