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Ticketmaster - The State of Play: Grime

11 Oct 2017

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A comprehensive study about the grime music industry, the State of Play: Grime Music report was produced by Ticketmaster’s LiveAnalytics division in partnership with University of Westminster and youth marketing agency and creators of the UK’s first grime-focused awards ceremony, Disrupt Creative.

This report assesses the impact of the genre on the mainstream, revealing that it’s now an established part of British culture with a direct affect on the political establishment, and offers an in-depth look into how grime has become part of the social fabric of Britain, with sales growing faster than the total UK music market.

The report also investigates Form 696, used by London’s Metropolitan Police to determine the level of risk involved with specific events taking place. Many believe the form directly targets Black and Asian artists.

Collectively, they surveyed 2,000 members of the British public, and an additional 168 participants via social media, who were identified as active grime listeners. The findings were combined with Ticketmaster’s sales data and Spotify steaming data to produce a wide-ranging set of insights into an industry experiencing significant growth.

This guide is free to download